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November 24, 2014

Walking in the rain

HAPPY P-DAY EVERYBODY!!!  I hope your Monday is fabulous!
This past week has been a long one. It wasn't necessarily bad, it just seemed to drag. Oh well, I guess that is how it goes sometimes...
Every three months missionaries are to have interviews with President Brown. He came to May Pen and interviewed the missionaries here. Except for me because they were really behind schedule, and I just got here so I guess it wasn't really necessary. Sister Rampersad told me that President Brown told her to train me to be ready to train as soon as my training is over....EEKK! Then Munchie had an interview with him (even though she is not a missionary yet, she is feeling pretty overwhelmed so she talked with him). President Brown told her that her trainer will most likely be some one she already knows... EEKK! What if I train Munchie?? I would absolutely love that!
Waiting for our investigator Stacy

Remember Evard? Ya he is pretty much gone. I don't know what happened! We had a few really spiritual lessons with him, he came to church and seemed to enjoy it. Then he just stopped answering our calls and texts. We still see him at the grocery store, but he wont meet with us anymore. Sad:( I guess that's just how missionary work goes. The Lord is blessing us with a lot of new investigators though. Reynae and Donna-Kay are our two most progressing investigators. They both are coming to church, reading, and praying. We are working really hard to keep them on this path.
Picture perfect kitty

So it is tradish in Jamaica to flour people on their birthday. Flouring just means you just dump a bag of flour on someone head. It's pretty great. It was Sister Coleman's and Sister Mashabella's (the other sister companionship in this district) birthday this past week. Sister Rampersad floured Sister Mashabella on Wednesday and I was planning on flouring Sister Coleman on Friday. Everything was ready I had the bag of flour sitting next to me and I was just waiting for the perfect moment. When I went to reach for the bag, it was gone! I look around and Munchie had taken it and a few seconds later she dumped it on Sister Coleman's head. I guess she thought I wasn't going to do it or something. I was kinda sad, but people have birthdays all the time.
Flouring Sister Mashabella

Sister Rampersad and I walk along this one road (sevens road) every single day. Every day we pass this school (May Pen Centeral). There are always security guards standing in front of the gate and lately there has been this Rasta man sitting in front of the gate too.  The Rasta always calls out to Sister Rampersad and I. He calls me pineapple and Sister Rampersad champagne. The other day we were walking by and one of the security guards askes us to share a scripture with him. Before we opened our scriptures all of these kids from the track team ran over and started listening. Sister Rampersad shared one from the Bible and I shared one from Nephi. We literally shared God's word with like 10 high schoolers, a Rasta, and 2 security guards. We were laughing pretty hard as we walked away. Of course we invited all of them to church.
Our District

It was the primary program here in May Pen too. The Mullings are a family that we are working to reactivate. Shanekea was given a part in the program and Sister Mullings asked me to help her write it. She is 9 years old and she has a slight learning disorder so it is hard for her to read. I drew pictures for her. It felt like something Dad would do. Whenever we saw her throughout the week she told me she was practicing. It was so cute. Sunday rolls around, and they didn't show up for church. I was pretty disappointed. It just doesn't seem fair that she practiced so much and then she didn't even get to say her part. The program was really good though. I think May Pen Branch has more children in their primary than Mueller Park 2nd Ward.
Sometimes I play with the Plan of Salvation puzzle during companion study

After church this one man came up to Sister Rampersad and I and asked us if he could draw us. We were like....Uhh we have to teach a class right now (the missionaries take turns teaching mission prep). He was like, it's okay I can do it during class. Weird. Awkward. I am telling you the weirdest stuff happens here!!

The YSA had an activity on Saturday and we jokingly told Munchie to bring us some food back for us. Well she actually did! At church she pulls out some crackers, nuts and a muffin!! I was really excited. When we got home I pulled it out of the bag and realized it had rasins. Ew. Of course I wasn't going to let it go to waste so I was picking the rasins out of it. I took a few bites and thought it tasted really gross. Then we went to visit Anna-Kay (recent convert) and she said she brought one home for her daughter, but her 7 year old daughter didn't want to eat it because there was too much rum in it.... MAN! I am way to innocent for this place.
Rum and raisin muffin:(

I hope you all have a fantastic week! I love you all soooooooooooooooooo much!
Sister Tuttle

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