Monday, September 28, 2015

September 28, 2015

I love to see the sea

AAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNDDDDD the excitement is back. Lol lol I have to say I enjoyed my two weeks of normalcy.
It all started Wednesday evening around 9:45 pm. Sister Robinson walked into the bathroom and there was a puddle of water on the floor. She thought one of the jugs of water we store in the bathroom was leaking so she left it and started showering. All of a sudden she starts yelling that the bathroom is flooding and the water wont go down the drain. She got out of the bathroom and from the other sisters bathroom we here this nasty GLUP. When we looked in both of our bathrooms the floors were flooding and sewage had come up the shower drain. OH. MY. GOODNESS. Our house smelled so bad! We absolutely could not stay. So we called a member and stayed at their house for the night. Our landlord (who lives right next to us) says it happened in her apartment too. She called a plumber the next morning.

Missionaries and Onise

We spend Thursday morning helping a member clean her house. She has 7 children and she works so it was nice to be able to help her. We cleaned dishes and moped floors and even ended up cleaning a maggot invested mini fridge. It was great.

Children at our window

That same Thursday some one hit our car. Do you see what I am talking about?? I cannot stay away from the the excitement. We weren't even in the car when it happened and I didn't even realize it until the next morning. It is not too bad, but they didn't leave their information so we are on our own once again.

Roasting my own breadfruit

Saturday afternoon we met with one of our recent converts Jerome. He was baptized in January and is now the gospel principles teacher. At the end of the lesson he asked Sister Rob and me if we feel like our service in the Bahamas makes a difference in our own  lives. It is actually something I have been thinking about a lot lately. Before my mission my heart was open only to my family and a few close friends. Oh how my mission has changed that. Especially Nassau. There are so many people that I love here. People that I really actually care about. I worry about them and pray for them as much as my people from home. I honestly didn't even know I was capable of so much love. I feel so blessed that I have been able to learn so much about the Jamaican and Bahamian (and even Haitian) cultures. I give thanks to God for allowing these wonderful people to be in my life. My heart is so full.
Saturday night, GENERAL WOMAN'S MEETING!!! WAHOOOO! Can you believe conference is coming again. Last conference I was in Ocho Rios with Sister Thompson. That feels like a lifetime ago. I love the leaders of this church. So inspired. Sister Robinson about died when they announced that Elder Uchtdorf would be speaking. She fondly refers to him as oo-ch-dorf. lol lol Didn't you just love that story of Aunt Rosie. She seems like such a cool lady. I hope to be like her when I grown up (especially the part about the cat).

Sister Lynn thought of me when she took this picture

We had two investigators at church on Sunday. It was awesome. One's name is Celson, and he is super unexpected. We actually met him when Sister Robinson first got here. We had an appointment with him, but he never showed up. A little over three weeks ago he  called us and we started meeting with him. Since then he has come to church every week and he has a baptismal date for November 8th. We are praying that all goes well.

Hanging in a member's house

I hope you all have a fabulous conference weekend!
I love you all and think of you often.
Be good and remember who you are
Sister Tuttle
Big up yu'self


Monday, September 21, 2015

September 21, 2015

Here we go again. Another week gone and now it is starting to feel a little sad. Ever since my last transfer with Sister Nelson the time has been flying!!!!

Church friend

We got transfer calls on Saturday. Missionaries have this thing where they love to cause excitement. The sister training leaders from Kingston called us to give us our calls, but of course they made a big deal. Every transfer call they give us this shpeal about how our calls are from the Lord and we should pray about them to know for sure. This time along with the usual prep talk they were reading us these scriptures to go along with our call. Transfer calls are a lot like the reaping in the Hunger Games. Every ones heart is beating because we are hoping for the best, but expecting the worst. Can you imagine that feeling being prolonged?? It's awful. In the end they told us that Sister Rob and I would be staying together in Nassau. My heart was so full of gratitude. I just kept saying, "I am so happy".

chasing birds

More good news:
Seaga came back to Nassau!!!

Bad news:
We dropped him.

Our first lesson back he starts telling us that he doesn't need to be baptized into any church. He says he just doesn't know if Joseph Smith really was a prophet or if the Book of Mormon is true. We talked to him for quite some time. He told us that he started smoking weed again. As sad as it was I kinda felt like that was going to happen anyway. The sad part is I feel like Heavenly Father was answering his prayers. He probably answered Seaga over and over again. Seaga just would not see it. I know I keep saying it, but it is just sad. I saw how much the gospel and its teaching blessed his life as we taught him over 3 months, and in just a few weeks he let all of it go.  We will stop by and see him every once and a while, but we won't be seeing him regularly. One day, he could make the change.

Yet another beautiful p-day spent on the beaches of Nassau. I love it here. 

We are really struggling with our creole investigators. Lately no one has been able to translate for us. No translator means no lesson. It is really hard because Haitians really are so receptive to the gospel. Not to say that every Haitian accepts the gospel and every Bahamian rejects it. There is just more success among the Haitians.

I am sorry that you live in a place that is getting colder. I will enjoy the beach for all of you.

Syliva was finally sent back to Haiti. First of all, I am so glad that she is finally out of the detention center. Second of all, I feel like she will be able to grow in the gospel in Haiti. The majority of church in Nassau is in English. There is a Creole gospel principles class, but other than that it is all in English. Syliva will be able to understand all of church and probably receive a calling. It just seems better for her there.

Augustin received the Aaronic Priesthood yesterday *proud sniffles and tears*. He is doing so well.

We met with a girl on Saturday that doesn't believe in God.  I have to say that is the first person I have met on my mission that does not believe in God. She told us that she has had experiences in her life that have led her to believe that he doesn't love her or even live. It was so sad to hear someone talk like that. It is actually pretty weird to think about not believing in God. I mean, how can you not?? He is obviously all around us. He does love us, and he is so aware of us.


Anne Marie sent me this quote awhile ago and I love it:

"Be the best you can be. Unless you can be a missionary, then be a missionary"

I so love being a missionary.

I love you all and hope you have a great week.
Sister Tuttle
Nuff love

When did I get this black.... lol lol lol I just love Sister Rob (She's wearing my glasses, bag, watch and shoes)


I came out of the shower to this..... She burned a hole in my sheets with the iron. We don't have a functioning ironing board.... 

Crossing rivers to an investigator's house

Church people

Monday, September 14, 2015

September 14, 2015

I don't have too much to say today and considering all the excitement that has been happening lately, it is a nice change.

11 month mark daiquiris 

Last Monday I creamed Sister Robinson's hair. I have to say. I have learned some unexpected things on my mission (for instance, I can spot weave from a mile away) Lol so yes cream is this really strong chemical cream that straightens thick course hair. Sister Robinson complimented me on my creaming skills (probably first timers luck).


The work is really picking up for us. It feels good to be so busy again. Our schedule is being booked out days in advance. I have to give all the credit to Sister Robinson. We are getting really really good at knocking on doors and getting return appointments (even though about 50% of them fall through and about 45% of them are serious jokers. Well, I am grateful for the 5% of genuine people).  We had two of our new investigators come to church yesterday. They said they like it, but they left early because they said they were hungry.... Well, at least they know now to bring snacks next time. lol lol lol

Making cupcakes with an investigator. Yes mom we put your icing recipe to good use.  

One of our strong investigators is going through a really rough time right now. When we went by to see him the other day he was completely drunk. It was really sad to see him like that. We left him with a Word of Wisdom pamphlet that night. We called him a few days later and he apologized for what had happened. We visited with him and talked about the power of the Atonement. We talked about how even though he may feel like it, he doesn't have to turn to those things. There are so many other things to do besides drink. We are praying that he will overcome his addiction and is circumstances will improve.

This really big spiky plant we found while finding 

I taught a district meeting about prayer on Wednesday. I had planned it around our investigators and how to help them develop meaningful prayers. Once I started though I realized our focus needed to change. I taught it directed to the district and how we could have more meaningful prayers. We each went into our own room and had a 20 minute prayer. I think it was more of what the district needed.  After the meeting I went on a trade-off with Sister Lynn. We went into her area and did A LOT of finding.  It was fun. I love Sister Lynn. We came out together and we celebrated our 11 month mark on the 8th. 11 MONTHS??? Is this really happening?? I said to Sister Robinson that day, "Man, I can't believe I am celebrating my 8 month mark!" Yes I said 8 months. I realized when I came to Nassau I was 8 months and ever since then the time has just been getting away from me. I can't even tell you where this last transfer went! Anyways, I bought daiquiris to celebrate the special event.

Taking Shyan teaching. We love Shyan. 

All is well. I am thanking God for the good times and for all the people He has put in our path. He is so good.
I love you all and wish you a goood week.
Sister Tuttle
Bless up.

Monday, September 7, 2015

September 7, 2015

Sister Rob says hi. And so do I,

Heavenly Father just loves us so much.

Yes. Yes. I made everyone where these hats on the beach. They secretly loved it and completely plan on doing it for their birthdays.

It's true. He cares about even the silly little things. If they are important to us, they are important to him.

I remember thinking about my birthday around Christmas time last year. I don't know why it was on my mind so far in advance, but occasionally it would cross my mind. I even opened my two year calendar and looked for what day of the week my birthday would be. Monday. How lucky is that? I have one birthday on my mission and it ends up being on a P-day. I remember hoping that I wouldn't be new in an area for my birthday. I wanted to be able to celebrate it with the people around me. I did not want my birthday to be just another day of missionary work. Well, my prayers were answered and my 20th birthday was incredible. I can honestly say that I don't think I have ever had such a fun birthday! I started planning my birthday about a month ago. I was reading a few past journal entries last night and it is hilarious to see how many times I wrote, "It's almost my birthday! I am so excited!" Which is weird. I am never looking forward to my birthday. So anyway, I made all these plans, which included multiple phone calls for information about Paradise Island and many prayers for good weather.

You all know how the day started..... flour. Not to mention pancakes. After emailing a member met us on Paradise Island and bought us all lunch. MMMMMMMMM. Despite the picture of food I sent, I did eat more than just chocolate cake. After lunch we went to this popular picture place called the Cloister. It was fun. I felt like I was in the secret garden or something magical like that. Then we went to the BEACH! We ran from the waves and played in the sand. The water was stunning. I have never seen such beautiful colors in the sea. When our P-day ended we had a few lessons and went home for the night. I gathered the other sisters and I FINALLY opened my presents that have been sitting in my closet for SOOOO long! And then we ate the birthday brownies. Overall it was such a fun day! When I went to my bed for the night I was exhausted and happy.

Hanging out with Drae after church

The rest of the week was good. Sister Robinson and I have started knocking on doors. In Jamaica we are not allowed to knock on doors and when I was with Sister Nelson I just never did it. We always street contacted. At first I was scared to knock on peoples doors. And then I just thought what better to bother people with then the message of the Restoration. I got over myself and now it is kind of exciting. Being a missionary is so weird.

We had interviews with President Brown over skype on Friday. That makes my fourth interview. In other words I am getting old on the mission.

Opening presents

We had 3 investigators at church on Sunday, plus a less active family we are working with. I am learning how to ask for specific things as I pray. It is so funny because it is something we encourage investigators to do, but I am just know putting it into practice. Trust me, it works.

It took time, but I love Nassau. It was inevitable. And I will probably struggle when I go back to Jamaica. That is just how missionary work goes.

I am happy, happy, happy.
I hope you all have a grreeeeeaaatt week.
Sister Tuttle
Nuff love

The big 2-0

Birthday brownies!

Birthday lunch on Paradise Island with Jerome!

Dessert... If you know me, you know which one is mine.


The Cloister

She puts up with me

Cabbage Beach!

My birthday table