Monday, April 27, 2015

April 27, 2015

BCE (best companions ever)

Woah, so much to write and sooooo little time.

Banana fields

People keep giving us green bananas

So last Sunday Sister Peynado and I walked into church and BOOM, a bunch of white people. I have said it before and I am going to say it again. I love it when tourist come to church. They pretty much filled the entire sacrament hall. After church all of the moms were taking pictures and videos of the missionaries and the branch. It was really fun! They were all asking for Books of Mormon and pamphlets to pass out to the staff of their resort. Tourist are always so excited to do missionary work. It's adorable, but also kind of troublesome. So if a tourist is staying in a resort it is usually outside of Ocho Rios. And when I say outside, I mean about an hour away (which is still our area..). It is hard for us as missionaries because of mileage limitations, but also for the investigators. Unless someone is really prepared, they most likely will not make the effort to come to church because of the cost of taxi fare. Sad, but true.

Our lovely tourist friends and a few of the staff members

Anyways, a  few days later missionary mom (as we fondly referred to one of the tourist) called us. She asked if we would be willing to come out to Discovery Bay and teach the Restoration to a few of the staff members. It was kind of a hard decision (especially because we have driven to Portmore, Port Antonio, and we are going to Mo Bay this week), but we agreed. We carefully prepared our lesson and headed out on Wednesday night. IT WAS SO MUCH FUN! So that night we taught 4 staff members and about 7 members of the church sat in the lesson. It was a powerful lesson. I cannot remember the last time I felt the spirit in a lesson like that. After the lesson we were all taking pictures and talking and laughing. Oh man, it felt so good. They asked us if we could come back the next night to see a few more staff members. They even offered to send a driver to pick us up in town (SWEET!!).

Little kids playing dominos

Thursday night we taught the Plan of Salvation. This time there were about 10 members of the staff and 5 members. 8 out of 10 of the investigators were male, which is exactly what the church in Jamaica needs. It was another spiritual lesson. We left with a bunch of phone numbers and addresses (and pretzels, and drinks. lol the tourist took care of us).

Grandma Livingston, she reminded me so much of Grandma Tuttle.

So out of all the people we taught, one came to church on Sunday. His name is AJ, and he is a great guy. He said he really liked church and we are going to see him Tuesday night on our way home from Mo Bay. I am really excited.

I painted qui qui's nails again while Sister Peynado got her hair cut.

Sister Peynado and I went on a little adventure the other day, and stumbled upon a hidden paradise. It was pretty much a mini Havasupai. Blue wata and cascading falls. Don't worry, I drew a map in my journal so I will be able to find it in years to come. 

The hidden gem. 

Pretty! Well, just don't look at me... I have no idea what I am doing.

So pretty much this past week has felt ridiculously busy. It has made the time fly! I can't believe I have already been with Sister Peynado for three weeks!

BCE (best companions ever)

The work is moving forward and all is well!
I love you soo much!
Have a great week!

Sister Tuttle

Monday, April 20, 2015

April 20, 2015

Hello everyone!!!

Okay let's just get into it today.

A cool little stairway we found while walking.

Last Monday I started teaching Sister Peynado how to drive. She has been in walking areas her whole mission (13 months) so she is pretty excited to be in a car (that makes one of us). I pulled into this huge empty field and took the passengers seat. Oh my goodness. I can see why mom always left the driving lessons to dad. Even though we were in this empty field I was still terrified we were going to crash. I don't know if I have told you, but if you crash a mission vehicle then driving privileges are taken away and you have to walk.  I CANNOT WALK THIS AREA. It takes like 15 minutes to drive to our closest appointment, so I don't even want to imagine walking. Anyways, even after a 40 minute lesson Sister Peynado improved a lot. We haven't had another lesson since, I think I am subconsciously putting it off as much as I can.

Sister Peynado's Pooh Bear strapped in for a ride.

I have such a love-hate relationship with that truck. I mean it still terrifies me to drive it every day, but then again I am literally in love with the air conditioning. On Friday night we were leaving from the church and the battery died. It was pretty late at night (okay so 8:30 is late for us) and we had no way to get home. We called the Hardy's and Elder Hardy came to our rescue again. I am so grateful for the Hardy's. We didn't make it home until around 10 (missionary curfew is 9:30....ahhh sooo disobedient).

Port Antonio

Later on Monday I was sitting on our veranda writing some letters. As I was sitting there this man came over and started talking to me.  His name is Lincoln and he lives right next door to us (well, if you call across a banana plantation right next door...). He told me that his 3 year old son had been killed in an automobile accident about 2 years ago. He said that he was having a hard time getting over it, and that he was ready to make some changes in his life. Our appointment for 6:30 had fallen through so I asked him if we could see him that night. We had a lesson with him right in the middle of his banana field. It felt so adventurous.  So pretty much Lincoln is struggling with quite a few addictions.  Throughout the past few years he has turned away from God, and hasn't prayed for a long time. We shared our purpose and talked a little bit about the Plan of Salvation. We invited him to pray and ask Heavenly Father if he would ever see his son again. We met with him the next morning. This time we met with him right next to his chicken coop. Actually they are classified as fowls and t they are mean. He fights them for a living, which he says is completely legal.... lol, I have to say I liked the banana field better. He said that he had tried to pray the night before, but it was really hard for him. He recognizes that change is a process though and told us he is still trying. We taught more of the Plan of Salvation and invited him to continue praying. So that was Tuesday, and we tried to meet with him a few other times throughout the week, but he was busy. I was kind of losing hope in him since he kept blowing us off, but then he stopped by Sunday morning. He asked us if we could help him write an apology letter to his baby mother. It was pretty cool because he is starting to recognize where he needs to make changes in his life. Even changes that we haven't even invited him to make. We gave him an addiction recovery booklet and invited him to start to study it. This gospel is so cool.

Kissing turtles in the craft market.

So our zone leaders have challenged us to find at least 3 males or 3 families to teach every day. EVERY DAY?? Jamaica really needs more males and families in the church, but women here are just more open to the gospel. It's true. That is just how it is. Well, we were making setting goals and making plans (if you know Preach my Gospel you can laugh at my cliche missionary language) to find male and families. We decided our best bet was to target males that will lead us to their families. We thought about where we could meet so many men and the only places we could think of were bars and shops. Jamaica has a bar and a shop on every corner and there are always 5 or 6 men sitting in front of them. There have got to be a few that are prepared for the gospel....right?? Lol. I will have to tell you how it goes.

Also, Lauren finally had her baby so YAYAYAYAAYAYAYAYAYAAYAYA!!! I AM AN AUNTIE. It is probably the weirdest thing that has ever happened to me. I mean everyone keeps sending me pictures and telling me how adorable she is, but it doesn't even feel real. It probably wont feel real until I meet her in person.

Well, I love you all so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so much.

Sister Auntie Tuttle

Kim's comment:  I received a video in my email today from someone visiting Ocho Rios and wanted to post it!

Monday, April 13, 2015

April 13, 3015

Well, well, well. Here we are again. Another Monday. My favorite day.

So much fun in Port More

So this past week has been pretty eventful.

So it started Tuesday night. I was staying in Port More until transfers on Wednesday. We went to visit this less active before going in for the night. The less active had this adorable little swing hanging from the tree. Naturally I went to swing on it. So fun. Good story, right? lol no that's not even half of it. So I was going to get off the swing and somehow I slipped, but I caught myself on the tree. So I was like, I'm good. I'm good. Then I look down at my hand. I had been holding the car keys in my hand and when I slipped I must have clenched my hand. The key went straight through my skin about 1/3 of an inch. I pulled the key out and looked up. My vision started going blurry and blotchy. Next thing I know I am walking through this field with dad. It was really nice. We were just talking and I felt at home. After what felt like a week I open my eyes and boom I am back in Jamaica, on the ground. It turned out I had only been out for about 2 seconds. Classic. My hand was tender for a few days, but everything is fine! I guess I can laugh  about it now. lol lol

Dramatic name tag pic. Classic

Anyways so on Wednesday I went to transfers and said goodbye to Sister Thompson. It is so weird how comfortable and attached you get with people and places on a mission. Coming back into Ochi after just a few days felt like coming home. Sister Peynado and I got back to work. Thursday we went to see Nigel and on our way out I slipped on this rock and fell. I landed on my palm (some sweet bruising). More than anything it hurt my pride, but I guess the Lord humbles us in different ways. For the rest of the week I was ridiculously careful about where I was stepping and sitting. NO MORE INJURY'S!

These weird little flower blossoms

Soo Sister Peynado is a great companion. She is 13 months out and she is pretty excited about finally being in Ocho Rios. She is determined to go to as many tourist spots as she possibly can while she is here. I love it. So adventurous. We are planning on going to the Bob Marley musem sometime soon!!! YAYAYA for experiencing Ocho Rios!

This pretty river that tourists raft down. 

The brakes on the truck were going out so on Friday afternoon and Saturday morning President Hardy fixed them for us. While he was fixing them we walked. So I have been driving for just 6 weeks and going back to walking wore me out! It was fun though. I love walking, you get to meet so many people.

My favorite view in Ochi

So it was a pretty good week. The time seems to be dragging again, but I am really trying to train my brain to enjoy the now. It is hard, but it is a work in progress.


Just incase you haven't heard I am still just plain Hannah. Hopefully this coming week I will be Auntie Hannah!

I love you all and hope you have a grrreeeeeaaaatttt week!
Sister Tuttle

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

April 7, 2015

Happy Easters!

Holding to the Iron Rod

So pretty much this past week flew by. Also I am pretty sure I say that every week. Well, it's true.

Frog in our washing machine

So this past week was Sister Thompson's last week in the mission field. It is kinda weird serving with a companion that is coming off the mission. She was really sad, but she is so lucky. She lives in Jamaica so she just has to hop in a taxi and....boom her whole mission, right at her fingertips. Do you remember that Middle episode where Axle is going away to college and he fights with his mom a bunch before he leaves. It was the natural order of things. I don't know if you even know what I am talking about, but the same kind of thing happened for Sister Thompson. Don't worry we didn't fight (if that is what you were thinking), but this past week was filled with trials for Sister Thompson.

Just this cool tree!

First of all it rained every single day this week. Okay when I say rain, I mean POUR! All day everyday. Did you know that Jamaicans are afraid of the rain? Well they are. Terrified. Do you know how hard it is to teach people when about 90% of our lessons are taught outside. I am not a Jamaican though and I love the rain. I actually pulled out my cardigans and wore them all week. Our truck shows the temperature and it is official that I am cold at 80 degrees. lol.

Poor dog in the rain:( 

Second, all of Sister Thompson's mission pictures were deleted off her camera. I don't know why, but that happens to EVERY missionary. We spent the whole week taking pictures. It was pretty fun.


Third, we had quite a few meetings this past week which took up a lot of our proselyting time. It was hard for her because she just wanted to teach and we had to be in meetings. The good part was that some of those meetings were general conference. I love general conference. I don't think I have ever looked forward to general conference so much. We watched it at the church with the branch. It was really great (especially because we were relying on the wifi, which we all know can be completely unreliable, but it went smoothly the whole time.)

His name is Shevaughn. He is 13 years old and such a little flirt. I just love him. 

Anyways, now that Sister Thompson is gone I am just hanging out in Port More with some other sisters. I get my new companion on Wednesday!!! YAYAAYA for transfers!

primary kids!

So despite of the trials this week was pretty good. I can't believe how quickly these past 6 weeks went. I am really going to miss Sister Thompson, she is so funny.

Well, I love you all and I hope you all have a great week. Next week you will be calling me Auntie Hannah!

Sister Tuttle

Back to my old ways. I will never stop painting nails.

P.S. I found this place in Ochi that sells fingernail polish for 70 cents. All is well.