Monday, December 1, 2014

December 1, 2014

We were walking down the street and this little boy just grabbed my hand. We walked him to school and the whole time he held my hand. It was kinda adorable. 

Hellllooo (in my best Lindsey voice),

So reading letters today made me cry. Everyone's Thanksgiving sounds so nice.  I made pizza for a late lunch on Thanksgiving day so for dinner Sister Rampersad and I just had smoothies. Holidays just come and go here like any other day. It is kind of sad. I just tell myself that I only have to miss a few and I have the rest of my life to celebrate with family. Right now all that really matters is the Lords work. I miss being with you though.

School children

This week has definitely been an interesting one. It started Tuesday morning when we walked out of our house and this man walked up to us and asked us if he could use our car to jump him. We told him that we don't have a car and started walking down the road. He started walking with us and complimenting me. Telling me that he liked my name and my skin color. Then he said something really inappropriate and rude so Sister Rampersad told him that he needed to leave. I was so taken back, but the words "forgive them for they know not what they do" came into my mind. About 15 minutes later we were stopped by a lady we had met in the market the day before. We had bought a few little things from her around the time she was about to close, and did not think anything of it. When she stopped us she told us that before we had come in she had made no money that day and had no money to taxi home. She told us that the stuff we bought was enough and more to get her home. I was so touched as we walked away my eyes filled with tears.

Redy and Jue Jue

I read in Our Search for Happiness that we always remember that we have agency, but we so easily forget that everyone around us also has their own agency. God can never control how people chose to act, but I know God is truly watching out for me.

Tacos have been one of the number one meals that I make here and a few weeks ago the grocery store we always go to stopped selling tortillas. I was not going to let that stop me. I have made tortillas before and I was going to make them again. So for the past little while I have been making the tortillas (it is actually a lot cheaper too). We went to the store to get the black beans that we mix with the meat, and believe it or not they were completely out of canned black beans. Sister Rampersad and I just stood in the aisle and pretend cried for like 2 minutes straight. We are so attached to our tacos that we decided that we could just soak and cook our own beans (true Jamaicans right here). Sister Rampersad put them in some water to soak over night and we wake up and the had soaked up all the water. And they were still hard as rock. We spend all of our study hours, lunch and half our dinner hour boiling the beans. In the end they were mostly soft so we just ate them. Every Jamaican we tell that story to laughs so hard. They just absolutely cannot believe that we do not know how to soak beans.

Dad, you will be happy to know I finally had bread fruit! Anna-kay made a curry chicken and breadfruit! YUM!

We had zone meeting in Mandeville on Wednesday and after we all went out to lunch. We went to this place called Star Grill. Man, I thought Domino's was the best food place. I was so happy in there. It was so clean and modern. The whole time I was thinking, if I ever bring my parents to Jamaica we would eat here. Also the food was super good.

Star Grill!! Sorry for the dark picture. A clueless elder took it....

Speaking of food a lady in the ward fed Sister Rampersad and I cow head and tripe yesterday. All I can say is.... runny belly.

We had transfer calls on Saturday. Of course Sister Rampersad and I will be staying in May Pen. I can tell that Sister Rampersad is getting sick of being here (she has been here since August). I love it here though. I know I always talk about how much it smells and how this whole place is pretty much a garbage can, but I love it. I love walking. I love the people. We have a huge teaching pool. I love having the church so close. It is just nice and as of right now I really wouldn't mind spending my whole mission here (also I just don't want to think about packing my stuff up any time soon).

May Pen town

Yesterday Sister Rampersad and I had two baptisms. Stephano and Allisa. Stephano has been taking missionaries lessons for the past 8 months. He has an amazing testimony and is meant to be a member of this church. Allisa is just an adorable little girl. She had  a count down to her baptism and every time we saw her she would tell us how many more days. They are both so great and it was a wonderful day, up until the third hour of church. 5th Sunday right? Relief society and priesthood meet together and you better believe it was out of control. It started with the fact that they didn't even plan to have a lesson the just planned to talk about cleaning the church and Friday night activity. Bad news. People were yelling and blaming each other and calling other people out. It ended with one of our recent converts leaving in tears. It is hard to see people who are supposed to be converted to this gospel act like that. It is also really frustrating because I feel like there is nothing we can do. Jamaicans are strongly opinionated and they always have to have the last word.



As for Christmas, Sister Rampersad are planning to Skype at the church. We only get to Skype for 45 minutes though:(
Sister Rampersad and me

Our district is made up of all of Clarendon. It is actually pretty huge. Sister Rampersad and I are the only companionship over the May Pen area. We are also the only companionship in the house. It is super nice.
In a bus on the way to Mandeville

I hope you have a fantastic week! I love you all
Sister Tuttle

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