Monday, January 26, 2015

January 26, 2015


Good night, Good night (Doesn't matter what time of day, you just say it)


My dried flower collection


While I was going through this week it didn't seem that frustrating, but now that I am looking back at it.... It was pretty bad.
Can you spot the monkey child?

First of all I realized I lost my mission card. Every month the mission puts money on our mission cards, and every month I take my card out ONE TIME and take all the money off of it. I realized it was gone on Saturday, which means it has most likely been missing for almost a month. I am pretty sure it wasn't stolen because who would take the time to open my bag, open my wallet, take my card (and not the cash) and put it all one, that's who. Anyways, I am pretty sure that when I went to take money out I grabbed my money and not my card. So now I have to live off Sister Dill for the next two weeks until my new card comes (and it is $15 US to replace). UGGGHHHH!!!!
Anyone for cow skin or liver???? MMMMMMM......*the highest level of sarcasm*

I also lost the star to my plan of salvation puzzle:( I am really upset about it.

Next, taking over an area is stressful!!! So stressful that it was affecting my sleep. I was just so worried about seeing enough people and having good numbers and just everything. The pressure has eased up a little bit, but my I am still not sleeping very well. Man, the mission just tears you down, it is hard.
So last week Dad sent me a picture of Aubrey and her walking stick with the wheel at the end. I just wanted to show you that Utah children are the same as Jamaican children. 


Remember when I told you that we taught a lesson to a Rasta man named Nickolas? Well, we didn't really plan on ever seeing him again, but he kept calling us. Every time he would tell us he was ready for a change in his life, so we set up a time to meet with him again. So we walk all the way up to Box Common (40 minute walk) in the blazing sun to meet with this guy because he says he is ready to change. We get up there and he invites us into his yard and there he is preparing his blunt. HE WAS JUST ABOUT TO SMOKE SOME WEED!!! Seriously? He knew we were coming. Anyways that's not even the bad part... So we start teaching him the restoration and he just starts laughing at everything we say. Oh man, it was hard. I didn't know what to do. So we were kinda trying to wrap up the lesson and he starts telling us that we as woman have no freedom in this church since we cannot be prophets....Anyways, I can tell you that we will not be having anymore lessons with that man.

Last of my complaining, I think I am gaining weight. I mean I can't know for sure because I live in Jamaica and I have no scale, but I am pretty sure. HOW? How is it possible that I run every morning, walk around for 5 hours every day, eat decent dinners and I am STILL gaining weight????? HOW? UGGGGHHHHH!

Other than that this week has been pretty good. The other night Sister Dill, Munchie and I were walking down the road and about 10 feet in front of us there was this older man. His back was turned, but he turns around and sees us. He yells WHITEY! and just starts charging for me. I just took off running and I just see Munchie pass me running as fast as she could. When we reached the bottom of the road I look back and see Sister Dill walk calmly behind us to catch up. When we were all back together we just started laughing so hard. I was laughing so hard that my stomach was hurting and I couldn't breath. LOL just when I thought I was getting used to this place another crazy comes out to prove me wrong.
They work for the plums, I take pictures and eat them.

Cow Liver

Well I love you all! Thanks for all the support and prayers! I could not do this without you!
Sister Tuttle

Monday, January 19, 2015

January 19, 2015

Sister Mashabela and Sister Madden.

(Now you say, Mi daya)

First of all, I have to tell you that I received a package from Grandma Tuttle. Do you know what was in that package? Chocolate chip cookies and rice crispy treats. Best. Package. Ever. They were so delicious, and I wanted to eat them all myself, but don't worry I shared them the other sisters:)
Spending the day with Sister Coleman.

So Tuesday was Sister Rampersad's last day in Jamaica (she will spend the rest of her mission in Cayman). We spent the day visiting investigators and saying goodbye. It was weird, it felt like I was the one leaving, but I am glad I wasn't (I really don't care to pack up all my stuff any time soon lol). Wednesday was transfer meeting. I really wanted to go because I wanted to see other missionaries and also the new missionaries coming in. They didn't let me go though:( They dropped me off in race track with the other sisters where I was to wait for my new companion. It was actually really fun though. It was nice to be out of May Pen for a few days, also I just really like the other sisters in our district. Sister Coleman made me chicken back and rice and star fruit juice. It was delicious!
Star fruit (Sister Coleman made juice with it...Delicious!)

SISTER DILL!!! (Notice our matching outfits..companions that match together, stay together.)

Sister Dill came from Nassau into Jamaica Thursday night. Oh my goodness. I love that girl! She cooks, she cleans, she laughs, she teaches, she doesn't complain, she has great style (we have already accidentally matched two days in a row). ALL IS WELL!!!
Matching Skirts!!!

Cooly twisty cactus.

Around the time Sister Rampersad was about to leave for Cayman the work slowed a lot. We were having trouble finding new investigators and our investigators that we had were not progressing. Frustrating. The work has picked up a lot within the past few days though. I am not saying that Sister Rampersad and I were not working because man, we were working! I am saying that I think the Lord knows when a change is about to happen. He knows when to put people in our path.  I don't think He wanted us to find new investigators and then force them to go through a change of missionaries. I mean of course missionaries are always changing, but at least we know we have 6 weeks of consistency, and 6 weeks to find and teach those prepared people!

Did you realize when you sent this stocking that I have the exact outfit?

So yes, everything is good. The work is good. The people are good. My companion is good. God is good. I am good!

Have a wonderful week!!
Love, Sister Tuttle

Monday, January 12, 2015

January 12, 2015

Hi! Hello! Hi! (Everyone does that in Jamaica to get peoples attention)
I forced Sister Rampersad to take a picture with me.
That is why she is fake crying.

CAN YOU BELIEVE I HAVE BEEN IN JAMAICA FOR 3 MONTHS.  Transfers fell upon us on Saturday *dramatic introduction drum beating in the background* My training is over and the time has come for Sister Rampersad to go her merry way to the Cayman Islands! My new companion will be Sister Dill. She is a 35 year old Jamaican. I guess the Lord knows I need older companions for some reason. I will meet her Wednesday at transfer meeting. Oh and I will be staying in May Pen *3 cheers for a few more months of blasted hot weather and smelly streets*
Wendy and Sister Rampersad

On Friday Sister Rampersad and I had to do a last minute split with the Sister Training Leaders. Let me explain. Every transfer (6 weeks) the Sister Training Leaders are supposed to go on trade offs (a full 24 hours) with all the sisters in their area. For some reason they always look over Sister Rampersad and me, so I have not done a trade off yet. Anyways, Thursday night they called us and said they would be coming the next day to study with us and then we would go out and teach for the rest of the day. Every Friday we have something called, Super Planning. We plan for all our investigators, recent converts and less actives and it takes FOREVER!! Seriously, 3 hours of planning. We thought they would do super planning for their area while we did ours, They sat and watched our 3 hour planning session. Awkward. Then I had to take one of the Sister Training Leaders out and Sister Rampersad had to take the other one. It was a bit stressful to have someone judging my teaching and evaluating how well I knew the area. In the end it was good, and I feel ready to take over the area.
Remember that field picture I sent home a few weeks ago...
well they burned it and it looks like this now.

This is what Jamaicans call a pear.

Yesterday, when we were sitting in gospel principles class our branch president, President Watson, called Sister Rampersad and me out. When we were out of the class he gave us these adorable Rasta bracelets with our names on them. Oh my goodness! I was so happy! I was just so incredibly touched that he had done something so thoughtful for us. I love the people here.

Love these kids

Little Abby stole my watch

Mom, to answer your questions about transfers and my release date. This Wednesday will be the end of my second transfer. I think sisters have around 12 transfers. My 18 month mark is April 19 2015 but the transfer falls a few days later on the 22nd or 23rd. Now, and I say this with as much love as possible, just because you have this information it does not give you the right to constantly remind me how much time I have left. 

I love you!!!!!!!!!!! Hope you have a fan {stache} tic week *Insert mustache emoji*
Sister Tuttle

Monday, January 5, 2015

January 5, 2015

Man, it feels like it has been at least 3 weeks since the last time I emailed. But, YAYAYA 3 cheers for Monday!
Hanging out with the gang

Last Monday Sister Rampersad got a call that she needed to come into Kingston to sign papers. She is going off island again. This time Cayman (I don't think I ever told you that before she was in May Pen she served 6 months in Nassau). It was sweet though. We both got to go into Kingston, and you are never going to believe this.......I FINALLY SAW THE WATER!!!! I have no pictures to prove it, but it is very true.
Gin-up fruit (slimy and sweet as can be) 

Oh my goodness, right now as I type this email, this man is staring at me. He is wearing sunglasses so I think he thinks I don't know he is looking at me. You can laugh at this because it is not happening to you.

On New Years eve I was talking to this kid and I asked him if people set off fireworks at midnight, and with a straight face with absolutely no hint of a joke in his voice he says, Nope just gun shots.
I am glad I was dead alseep during that new years celebration.

Ackee and salt fish, green banana, dumpling and yam

The other day Anna-Kay fed us ackee and salt fish (Jamaica's national meal), dumpling, yam (which are completely different then the yam you are imagining in your head right now), and green banana. Believe it or not, it was delicious. I love it when people feed us. Especially when it is not cow head and tripe. I love going to Anna-Kay's house. There are always around 20 people just hanging out around her yard (which makes it almost impossible to teach a lesson). But it feels like family. I love it.

Crying Paris

A few nights ago Sister Rampersad taught this guy named Nickolas. Oh my, let me tell you, this man is a die hard Rastafarian. I know what you are thinking... Does he have dreads? Does he smoke weed? Yes and very much so yes. In fact he is actually starting his own weed farm in his back yard. He carves sculptures and jewelry for a living. He says he smokes the weed because it puts him in a trance that makes his artistic skills come out. It was my favorite lesson we taught all week.

Sweet Sap (Also slimy and sweet as can be)

Remember Mr. Robinson? Ya well he is pretty much our top investigator. Once we get him to stop talking he is really interested in the gospel. It is great. He makes sure we take our time while teaching him, which is good because sometimes we rush. He asks questions, comes to church, reads the Book of Mormon, has a desire to be baptized. Did I tell you that he wants to be baptized so he can go to the temple. I am telling you, this guy gets it. It just shows how the Lord works in mysterious ways. He is getting a baptismal date this week. I love you all and I pray for you every single night. Thank you for all your prayers. I could never do this without you.


*hugs and kisses*
Sister Tuttle