Monday, January 12, 2015

January 12, 2015

Hi! Hello! Hi! (Everyone does that in Jamaica to get peoples attention)
I forced Sister Rampersad to take a picture with me.
That is why she is fake crying.

CAN YOU BELIEVE I HAVE BEEN IN JAMAICA FOR 3 MONTHS.  Transfers fell upon us on Saturday *dramatic introduction drum beating in the background* My training is over and the time has come for Sister Rampersad to go her merry way to the Cayman Islands! My new companion will be Sister Dill. She is a 35 year old Jamaican. I guess the Lord knows I need older companions for some reason. I will meet her Wednesday at transfer meeting. Oh and I will be staying in May Pen *3 cheers for a few more months of blasted hot weather and smelly streets*
Wendy and Sister Rampersad

On Friday Sister Rampersad and I had to do a last minute split with the Sister Training Leaders. Let me explain. Every transfer (6 weeks) the Sister Training Leaders are supposed to go on trade offs (a full 24 hours) with all the sisters in their area. For some reason they always look over Sister Rampersad and me, so I have not done a trade off yet. Anyways, Thursday night they called us and said they would be coming the next day to study with us and then we would go out and teach for the rest of the day. Every Friday we have something called, Super Planning. We plan for all our investigators, recent converts and less actives and it takes FOREVER!! Seriously, 3 hours of planning. We thought they would do super planning for their area while we did ours, They sat and watched our 3 hour planning session. Awkward. Then I had to take one of the Sister Training Leaders out and Sister Rampersad had to take the other one. It was a bit stressful to have someone judging my teaching and evaluating how well I knew the area. In the end it was good, and I feel ready to take over the area.
Remember that field picture I sent home a few weeks ago...
well they burned it and it looks like this now.

This is what Jamaicans call a pear.

Yesterday, when we were sitting in gospel principles class our branch president, President Watson, called Sister Rampersad and me out. When we were out of the class he gave us these adorable Rasta bracelets with our names on them. Oh my goodness! I was so happy! I was just so incredibly touched that he had done something so thoughtful for us. I love the people here.

Love these kids

Little Abby stole my watch

Mom, to answer your questions about transfers and my release date. This Wednesday will be the end of my second transfer. I think sisters have around 12 transfers. My 18 month mark is April 19 2015 but the transfer falls a few days later on the 22nd or 23rd. Now, and I say this with as much love as possible, just because you have this information it does not give you the right to constantly remind me how much time I have left. 

I love you!!!!!!!!!!! Hope you have a fan {stache} tic week *Insert mustache emoji*
Sister Tuttle

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