Monday, January 19, 2015

January 19, 2015

Sister Mashabela and Sister Madden.

(Now you say, Mi daya)

First of all, I have to tell you that I received a package from Grandma Tuttle. Do you know what was in that package? Chocolate chip cookies and rice crispy treats. Best. Package. Ever. They were so delicious, and I wanted to eat them all myself, but don't worry I shared them the other sisters:)
Spending the day with Sister Coleman.

So Tuesday was Sister Rampersad's last day in Jamaica (she will spend the rest of her mission in Cayman). We spent the day visiting investigators and saying goodbye. It was weird, it felt like I was the one leaving, but I am glad I wasn't (I really don't care to pack up all my stuff any time soon lol). Wednesday was transfer meeting. I really wanted to go because I wanted to see other missionaries and also the new missionaries coming in. They didn't let me go though:( They dropped me off in race track with the other sisters where I was to wait for my new companion. It was actually really fun though. It was nice to be out of May Pen for a few days, also I just really like the other sisters in our district. Sister Coleman made me chicken back and rice and star fruit juice. It was delicious!
Star fruit (Sister Coleman made juice with it...Delicious!)

SISTER DILL!!! (Notice our matching outfits..companions that match together, stay together.)

Sister Dill came from Nassau into Jamaica Thursday night. Oh my goodness. I love that girl! She cooks, she cleans, she laughs, she teaches, she doesn't complain, she has great style (we have already accidentally matched two days in a row). ALL IS WELL!!!
Matching Skirts!!!

Cooly twisty cactus.

Around the time Sister Rampersad was about to leave for Cayman the work slowed a lot. We were having trouble finding new investigators and our investigators that we had were not progressing. Frustrating. The work has picked up a lot within the past few days though. I am not saying that Sister Rampersad and I were not working because man, we were working! I am saying that I think the Lord knows when a change is about to happen. He knows when to put people in our path.  I don't think He wanted us to find new investigators and then force them to go through a change of missionaries. I mean of course missionaries are always changing, but at least we know we have 6 weeks of consistency, and 6 weeks to find and teach those prepared people!

Did you realize when you sent this stocking that I have the exact outfit?

So yes, everything is good. The work is good. The people are good. My companion is good. God is good. I am good!

Have a wonderful week!!
Love, Sister Tuttle

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