Monday, April 13, 2015

April 13, 3015

Well, well, well. Here we are again. Another Monday. My favorite day.

So much fun in Port More

So this past week has been pretty eventful.

So it started Tuesday night. I was staying in Port More until transfers on Wednesday. We went to visit this less active before going in for the night. The less active had this adorable little swing hanging from the tree. Naturally I went to swing on it. So fun. Good story, right? lol no that's not even half of it. So I was going to get off the swing and somehow I slipped, but I caught myself on the tree. So I was like, I'm good. I'm good. Then I look down at my hand. I had been holding the car keys in my hand and when I slipped I must have clenched my hand. The key went straight through my skin about 1/3 of an inch. I pulled the key out and looked up. My vision started going blurry and blotchy. Next thing I know I am walking through this field with dad. It was really nice. We were just talking and I felt at home. After what felt like a week I open my eyes and boom I am back in Jamaica, on the ground. It turned out I had only been out for about 2 seconds. Classic. My hand was tender for a few days, but everything is fine! I guess I can laugh  about it now. lol lol

Dramatic name tag pic. Classic

Anyways so on Wednesday I went to transfers and said goodbye to Sister Thompson. It is so weird how comfortable and attached you get with people and places on a mission. Coming back into Ochi after just a few days felt like coming home. Sister Peynado and I got back to work. Thursday we went to see Nigel and on our way out I slipped on this rock and fell. I landed on my palm (some sweet bruising). More than anything it hurt my pride, but I guess the Lord humbles us in different ways. For the rest of the week I was ridiculously careful about where I was stepping and sitting. NO MORE INJURY'S!

These weird little flower blossoms

Soo Sister Peynado is a great companion. She is 13 months out and she is pretty excited about finally being in Ocho Rios. She is determined to go to as many tourist spots as she possibly can while she is here. I love it. So adventurous. We are planning on going to the Bob Marley musem sometime soon!!! YAYAYA for experiencing Ocho Rios!

This pretty river that tourists raft down. 

The brakes on the truck were going out so on Friday afternoon and Saturday morning President Hardy fixed them for us. While he was fixing them we walked. So I have been driving for just 6 weeks and going back to walking wore me out! It was fun though. I love walking, you get to meet so many people.

My favorite view in Ochi

So it was a pretty good week. The time seems to be dragging again, but I am really trying to train my brain to enjoy the now. It is hard, but it is a work in progress.


Just incase you haven't heard I am still just plain Hannah. Hopefully this coming week I will be Auntie Hannah!

I love you all and hope you have a grrreeeeeaaaatttt week!
Sister Tuttle

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