Monday, June 8, 2015

June 8, 2015

Here we are again!

And guess what???
Do you realize what that means? 10 months left!! That is way less than 11 months.

Teaching in a ballet studio

 So this week has been pretty crazy. It started Monday night. One of the other sister missionaries in the house put braids in my hair for me. It's a love hate relationship with the braids.
The good:
I don't have to brush my hair
I don't even have to wash my hair
My hair is out of my face
The bad:
It weighs about 3 pounds (and if you don't think that is a lot just carry a three pound weight on your head for a few minutes to stimulate the experience)
It's always fun taking Camillot teaching with us

Well it was tight. Since I have soft hair the braids don't really hold and now it is frizzy. I don't know how much longer it will last.
It is fun though. I get quite a number of reactions. One girl told me she liked it more than my real hair. Someone else said, "I didn't know white girls put in weave".

Bun head with Sister Wint (Braids make your bun the size of your head)

It has been raining ALL week. I don't know what it is about Nassau, but I guess they have no drainage system. When it rains (even just a little bit) the streets turn to rivers. It makes it really difficult to avoid pot holes.

All the rain made our ceiling fall through

I guess a fear of rain is a Caribbean thing, not specific to Jamaicans. Because of the rain we had quite a few cancelled appointments. At one point we were calling an investigator to see if we could stop by. She tells me over the phone, "don't you know it is rude to come to people's homes when it is raining?" Oh man, we had a good laugh after that one, and it has been the running joke for the rest of the week.


We have this new investigator named Domonique. She has a relationship with God and strong testimony of prayer. When we went back for our second lesson with her she told us she received an answer that the message is true. She loves reading and is already deep into the Book of Mormon! So in other words, things are going great in Nassau.

Taking Sylvia teaching with us

Yesterday in fast and testimony meeting the older lady got up to bare her testimony. She is known for her looooong testimonies which usually involve political opinions. Anyways she goes up there and starts sharing her testimony. She actually has some really good points about the gospel, they are just mixed up with a lot of other information. Towards then end of her testimony she started talking about the positives of social media, especially Facebook. She said, "I don't like to call it Facebook any more, I call it Faith and Baptism". Funny.

I floured Sister Medley for her 1 year mark

The year mark celebration

Well, I love you all!
Have a wonderful week filled with summer fun and adventure!
Sister Tuttle

P.S. I may be in a very slight depression. News has come my way that Of Monsters and Men will be coming to Utah. Get your tickets now. I want pictures and videos of the entire thing.

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