Monday, June 1, 2015

June 1, 2015

Good afternoon!

It was just a yellow kind of day!

To be honest, writing this email today is a real struggle. Nothing really happens except for work, work, work. Which I guess is good because I am on a mission, doing missionary work. Anyways, I will scrape some experiences from the bottom of the barrel.

When members take us out to lunch

I spent last Monday cleaning our house. It was a pretty interesting experience. Explanation: before sisters moved into the house it was a couple missionary house. Man, I don't know how long they lived there or how many sets of missionaries were there, but they racked up a bunch of stuff. Lanterns(the power goes out occasionally), board games, framed photos, books, a chess set, a horse statue, a keyboard, endless pots and pans. Seriously, I never knew there were so many different types of pots and pans. There is so much random stuff and so many places for big huge cockroaches to hide.  So I cleaned it and after I felt much happier (I truly am my mothers daughter). The super cool thing about the apartment is it has hot water. HOT WATER. I took a hot shower for the first time in seven months and it felt so sweet. I had actually forgotten what hot water felt like. The house has air conditioning too. I guess you could say were are pretty dang spoiled out here in Nassau.


We are teaching quite a few people right now. Most of them are from Haiti and speak creole. The members are super willing to come teaching and translate for us (I guess that is allowed since this is an English speaking mission). There is this one member named Camillot (pronounced Camio), who comes teaching with us pretty frequently.  He is hilarious! He is really short and has this French accent. So he translates for us and every time before we take him home, he buys a daiquiri. MMMMMM. It is most definitely my favorite thing about Nassau so far! There was this one summer I became obsessed with snow cones. I remember mom restricting me to one snow cone a week. I am going to have to do that with daiquiris.

The famous daiquiri!

Since I have been in the Bahamas I have not had any Bahamian food. BUT I have had quite a bit of Haitian food, and I love it. Instead of rice and peas, they make peas and rice. So Haitian meals usually consist of peas and rice and fried chicken and this cabbage stuff called picklie. I like it, but it is WAY spicier than Jamaican food.

The Sister Nelson pose (guess how many times looking at the map has actually helped....once. lol lol lol)

So as for seeing the fun part of Nassau, I have driven past it a few times. The town and touristie area is part of the other sisters area, so we never really go down that side. We drove to paradise Island last week for dinner with some tourists. That was really fun. There is this way we sometimes take to get home which takes us right along the coast, but it is always dark so I haven't really seen the water.

FHE with Jackie and her family

Crying baby

So pretty much all is well! I am learning the area quickly (which makes me feel a lot better about being here). The people are good, the work is good, the food is good, I am good. 

Lots and lots of love,
Sister Tuttle

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