Monday, August 24, 2015

August 24, 2015

Whagwan mi youte??

My new friend I just met in the library. We have been chatting for the past hour

Despite the fact that I am no longer in my country... I mean Jamaica, I am learning more Patois than ever. Sister Robinson is from the bush and she speaks deeeep Patois. She has been giving me daily lessons as we drive to appointments. It's great.

Sister Robison with me in the background

Well, just as you might expect the excitement has continued. I have shifted the blame from me to just the entire island of Nassau. This is just an excitement place.

Prepare yourself for the drama (you may want to take a seat if you are not sitting already).

Sister Medley's flight back to Jamaica left on Monday. She asked me if I would be the one to drop her to the airport. So, Sister Robinson and I hung out with Sister Medley for the day. We took her to say a few goodbyes and then to the airport. While we were driving around she used our phone to make a few calls, and you know what that little girl did?? SHE PUT THE PHONE IN HER BAG!  Yes, yes Sister Medley took our phone through security and almost onto her flight. Sister Robinson and I didn't even notice. We had absolutely no reason to look for our phone or to assume it was missing. It was actually pretty hilarious because Sister Rob and I left the airport and took our sweet time getting home. I mean it was our P-day!!! We drove by this HUGE resort and we stopped at a few different beaches. We even shopped. It wasn't until we got home and saw a note on the door from the other sisters. The note said that Sister Medley had taken our phone and they were on their way to the airport to pick it up. The problem was that in the heat of the moment Sister Medley had left the phone with a worker. She didn't get a name or even the department the person worked. When the other sisters went to the airport they had no idea where to look. They talked to a few people and eventually just left.  We went the next morning, but no luck. We spent the next two days with no phone. Let me tell you, I do not know how missionaries in the past have done work without phones. Respect. Thursday morning we went to the airport and only by the grace of God, we were able to get our phone back! Thank goodness!

Wednesday we had zone conference. Usually the mission flies all the off islands into Nassau to have zone conference here. That didn't happen this time, and there is a 90% chance it is my fault. I mean no one is ever going to say that to me, but they are thinking it. If you remember last zone conference excitement you know exactly what I am talking about. So we had to skype into Kingston zone's meeting. I would love to tell you something that I learned, but we spent most of the conference starring at a blurry screen and listening to ublakdklfaioeiijvkea;kkeiiejlfklvae;ljiraiejlakve;liia;oiaejrvkeklv;eka;aei;jlkve;la;iealkfkve.

cool seeds

Thursday we found out that one of our recent converts had been caught by immigration. She will be sent back to Haiti this week. Looking at the big picture I think it will be a blessing for her. She doesn't speak any English so it is hard for her here. She is so lucky to be going to a place where the church is really growing. She will be able to understand all of church and be really involved.

This place is pretty

On the bright side of things, I am really happy here. I am so used to Nassau. I love the people, I know the streets and my companion is great. I am pretty much living what I thought my whole mission would be like. Plus, my birthday is next Monday!!!!!! I AM SO EXCITED!


I love you all!
Bless up.
Have a greeeeeaaat week!
Sister Tuttle

Baha Mar


Sea grapes and cherries

This super old Book of Mormon I found in a new investigator's house

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