Thursday, August 6, 2015

August 4, 2015


This week has been crazy. Just plain crazy. Honestly, I can't tell you what Sister Nelson and I expected. You would think that at some point after spending months together we would get used to the excitement. Guess again.


Last Monday was Sister Nelson's birthday. She wanted to spend the day getting her hair rope twisted. So Sister Nelson sat in the middle and Sister Medley, Sister Lynn and I all worked on her hair (yes, yes I have never spend so much time doing hair before my mission). Anyways, we were chatting and rope twisting when all of a sudden the AP's were calling. I answered the phone and they asked if I was near Sister Nelson. They told us they had an early transfer call for Sister Nelson. They said that she would need to come into Kingston a week early to do some paper work (most likely because she will be going to another island, although we would joke that she would be signing marriage maybe you had to be there). I kept asking them if it was a joke because sometimes missionaries call and give fake transfer calls just to be funny. It is not funny. It was just so unexpected. We all knew that Sister Nelson was leaving this transfer, but no one knew she would be leaving early.

BYEE Sister Nelson!

Despite the fact that she would have to leave early, we were really grateful for the heads up they gave us. I remember when I was leaving Ocho Rios to come to Nassau the AP's called me Sunday morning and told me that I would have to meet them early the next morning so they could get me to the airport. I hardly had anytime to say goodbye to people. Sister Nelson was lucky because they gave her an entire weeks head notice. It was really nice.

Later that same Monday night Augustin called us. Well, first let me give you a little back ground on last Sunday afternoon. After church the branch president was the one to let Augustin know that he needed to be re-baptized. They had a little chat about it and Augustin felt like he need to pray and think about it. So, Sister Nelson and I visited him later that night praying for Augustin to have his heart softened. So we show up and start talking about the situation. I felt prompted to ask if we could have a kneeling prayer. We all knelt down and I offered the prayer. Back to Monday night, Sister Nelson talked to him on the phone. He said that before we came by that night he felt confused, but after we left he felt much better.

3 cheers for Augustin's rebaptism!!

Augustin was re-baptized Saturday night!

Sister Nelson left on Monday and my new companion comes next week.... which I still don't know who it is.

So yes, crazy things happening in Nassau as usual.

Matching with Camillot... Focus on the outfits and try to ignore my tired face. 

I love you all and hope you have a great week.
Sister Tuttle

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