Tuesday, February 9, 2016

February 8, 2016

With Sister Dill!

So yes this week was very uneventful. I guess compared to the excitement of Nassau everything seems lame. Last p-day was the first p-day I stayed home (not even because of the rain) for the longest time. I literally just washed and cleaned, I was jamming out to the church music dad just sent me, so it wasn't too bad. Through the week we just did straight missionary work. We taught over 30 lessons last week which is an unusual change from Nassau where we were lucky if we got 20 lessons a week. Other than that I just have a few little stories:

That moment when you have no one to see, so you just sit down on the road side!

The other day we were teaching the restoration to a new investigator. On the front of the Restoration pamphlet there is a picture of Jesus Christ holding a lamb. Sister Maenetja asked the investigator how he thought the lamb felt in Christ's arms. I was expecting to hear the usual, loved. comfortable, peaceful. The man says (as serious as can be) "soft". I just nodded my head and said "true. true." lol lol

The other moment when you buy a bag juice and a spice bun.

On Saturday we took SIster Dill teaching. I am so happy Sister Dill is here. I love Sister Dill with all my heart. As it turns out that once we had Sister Dill with us all our appointments fell through. You know it really irritates me when that happens. It seems like every time we have a member we have no one to see and then whenever we don't have a member (which is more often than not) The whole world is free for us to see them. So we were walking up the hill to take Sister Dill home when I saw a little girl sitting on a wall. She was probably around 3 years old. I said hello to her and randomly she says, "my mommy is inside" So I said, "well go and tell her that the missionaries are here". So the little girl runs inside and comes back with her mom. She invited us in and allowed us to have a lesson with her. She told us she would be coming to church, but she never showed up on Sunday. Sadly, I am pretty used to that. It was just cool that Heavenly Father provided for us in our moment of need.

Probably a past investigator

On Wednesday at district meeting the office elders told me that they would be giving us a car soon. I told them to give the car to someone else. Our area is definitely walkable and to be honest I really don't want to deal with the stress of driving a brand new car around Jamaica. I will gladly allow some other missionary in this mission deal with that. I do kinda wish that Sister Maenetja would ride a bike with me, but as for now I am enjoying walking the dusty roads of Kingston Jamaica.


I love you all and wish you a blessed week.
Sister Tuttle

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