Monday, February 22, 2016

February 22, 2016

Paul and the crazy kids!! I love these people

I really don't have to much to write this week. Be glad that I pulled something together, because it was a bit of a struggle today.

Tuesday we had zone conference in the afternoon. It was the first time on my mission that the meeting was not in the morning. We proselyted for a few hours before the meeting so when we got there my hair was messy and my skirt was wrinkled. Besides that it was INCREDILBE. I got to see Sister Lynn :) She had to come to Kingston for a meeting. We were able to talk for a little bit before she had to go back to her area. The next time I see her will most likely be the week we go home. She told me to bring my fingernail polish and I told her to bring her curling iron. Can you tell we are best friends?? Lol lol After she left I realized we never took a picture together. Bummer.

Anyways, Elder and Sister Zivic were at the meeting. They are so cute and nice. It was really good to hear from them. EVERYONE spoke on baptism. After the meeting they fed us pizza. YAYA. We all sat around and talked. I love being around other missionaries. It seriously puts me in the best mood. As we left my spirit just felt lifted.


Wednesday was a rough day. Remember last week when I said Edward Cullen could live here? Well, he would only last a week here. The sun has been beating this past week with absolutely no mercy. Sometimes as we are walking I just chant, "I love the sun. I love the sun. I love the sun." I think I am trying to make myself believe it. After a long hot day we were walking up the mountain and a car coming down dropped in a pothole full of dirty water and splashed me. NASTY! I was covered head to toe in dirty pothole water. When we got home I turned my fan on like usual. For some reason unknown to me my fan doesn't have a front cover. As I turned on my fan my middle finger got caught in the blade and sliced my middle finger. To be honest it really didn't hurt that badly, but I just started crying.

Sliced finger.

No one came to visit me this Sunday, so it was just a very normal and relaxing time at church. I actually fell asleep during Relief Society....
We have this investigator named Veron. She has come to church the past 3 weeks in a row. She is to be baptized on March 26th. Everything is going well, except the teaching process is slow. She loves to talk about her dreams and what they mean and what God is trying to tell her.

And that is about all I can pull together today.  I love you all so much!!
Sister Tuttle
Blessed love. Blessed love. (I am not 100% sure what that actually means, but the rastas say it....)

Ken Hills bridge.

That old man was singing to Sister Maenetja. I just stood back and secretly took a picture

An old Plan of Salvation pamphlet in a bus....I wonder if the driver ever read it.




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  1. Keep up the good work Sis. Tuttle you are looking great. love to read your letters. Sister Cannon