Monday, February 1, 2016

February 1, 2016

Good morning! Good morning!
Wow. Last week flew by. I am thinking this is probably how it will go for the next 11 weeks. Flash.


So yes, I have to say I am so happy to be back in Jamaica. Last Monday as we were planning for the next day I kind of had this surprising sensation pass over me. I was planning for people that I didn't know!! Not even one! Do you know how long it has been since that happened?? 9 months! It is actually pretty exciting being in a new place and I am going to be happy here (except that p-days are now lame as can be... no more beach pictures).
There were two things that are still blowing my mind now that I am back:
1. Mountains. I keep saying to Sister Maenetja, Look at these Mountains!! THEY ARE HUGE!! Well, I guess compared to flat, flat Nassau, every hill or mountain is going to seem huge.
2. Men wearing tight pants. In Nassau men wear clothes at least 3 sizes too big. Not here. I am telling you, The men wear TIGHT pants here. Every time a man wearing tight pants passes I turn to Sister Maenetja and say "did you see how tight his pants were??" I think she thinks I am crazy, but seriously it is blowing my mind.

My new bff

So Sister Maenetja and I walk everywhere. We are supposed to use bikes, but Sister Maenetja is scared. This was the first week in almost a year that I have spent so much time in the sun. Let's just say my skin was like... WHATT?? Instant tan lines. I will be buying some sunscreen today!

Speaking of walking, some unthoughtful person picked a missionary house on top of a mountain. I am not even exaggerating!!! I think when they picked the apartment they thought the sisters in it would always have a car... Well, they thought wrong! I mean, sure the house is safe and secluded and it's the second nicest missionary house I have lived int (Nassau being the first because of it's nice nice couches) But the mountain kills me. Every morning we hike down the mountain and every night we hike back up. Every time I am tired I just think "this is preparing me to go home and hike every Mountain trail I see!"

Lunch at Sister Dill's house with Marcel from May Pen. I AM IN HEAVEN!! Seriously, these are some of my favorite people. 

So I am actually serving in a ward right now. It is actually pretty hard to switch from saying branch to ward. The ward is wonderful though. It feels alive! Return missionaries, missionaries preparing to serve, self reliance classes, seminary, institute, callings, fellowship. I really love it! Plus Sister Dill is here:)

In terms of missionary work here, things could be better. I don't think I realized the differences between missionary work in Jamaica and in Nassau before, but now I see it. You see, people in Jamaica are nice. In fact, so nice that they can't tell you no. Even when they are completely not interested they will still give us a return appointment. Bahamians are more straight forward. Sometimes so straight forward it is rude. Either way no one is really serious. Here or there. Our days are full and busy, but the quality of those we are teaching could be better.

The neighborhood kids. 

Before I got here the sisters were teaching this couple. Jodi-ann and Ricardo. They were progressing really nicely. They were to be married this month and baptized in March. I had one lesson with them and the next day they stumbled upon some Anti-Mormon videos. It was a whole Ronale situation again. Sometimes, I get really sick of those stupid videos. They ruin everything. Something I have noticed about the videos is they don't answer questions. They only create more questions even to the point of doubting God. Can you imagine? Well, I have seen it over and over again. Well, Jodi-ann and Ricardo dropped us the next day. Sister Maenetja is taking it really hard. It has been a few days and she is still not over it. I know how she feels though.

So yes, every thing is good. I am here just getting tanner and larger calves every day.
I love you all so much and hope you have a beautiful week!
I love you!!
Sister Tuttle

Waiting out the rain. 


Anna-kay, Donna-kay and Wendy from May Pen came to visit me on Sunday. I was so happy!!!!!

May Pen peopleđź’ś

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