Monday, December 22, 2014

December 22, 2014


So in this training book I have to read it says to not forget special events and birthdays....I am the worst ever! Sooooooooooooo.................
Happy Birthday
Grandma Tuttle
Lori Pathakis
I love you all so much and I hope all your birthday wishes come true!!

Lol just taking on dad's photo challenge..... unique utensils

So last Monday was the best P-day I have had since being in Jamaica. After emailing and shopping we played ultimate frisbee with the elders. SO FUN. I just felt so good to run and play and laugh. Lately I have been feeling like the mission is sucking all the fun out of me. I have lost my sense of adventure. It was refreshing to play. It also reminded me of when we would play frisbee up at school. Those were the best nights. The funny part was, the next day we woke up and both Sister Rampersad and I were sore as can be. We decided we could never let the elders know though. All Tuesday we walked around like 100 year old women.

Cleaning the church

Sister Rampersad and have started to teach our neighbor Mr. Robinson. He is pretty old, but feisty as can be. He has gone to gospel churches his whole life and has has a hobby of being baptized into as many churches as he can. Every time we go to have a lesson with him we end up talking about catching spirit and speaking in tongues. It is hilarious. We probably would have dropped him awhile ago but he keeps coming to our church! He loves it!

Getting a lock in my hair. Terrible. I took it out the next day.

Okay so remember Allisa? The little girl we baptized a few weeks ago? Well we are still teaching her mom and a few days ago we decided to start the lessons over by watching the restoration dvd. We usually sit outside during lessons with them because their house is so hot, but for the movie we thought we would have gone inside. Instead we get there and they start bringing their TV and dvd player outside. Oh man, we were laughing so hard. As we were setting up a crowd gathered. We ended up watching it with a bunch of other people, it was great.
Settin up the tv outside

During our weekly district meeting we discussed the issues of this branch and we came up with a few ways we can help. They include sharing spiritual thoughts concerning love with the leaders of the branch (thanks dad), also by serving the branch, leading by example. Our new district leader is doing a great job. I really feel like we can help these people now! Thanks for all the encouragement! We cleaned part of the church for Sister Mclaren a few days ago and she seemed very grateful. We will keep serving her.
Cuties carrying our bags

This week has not been too exciting...sorry!
I do hope you all have a very Merry Christmas! I love you so much!
Love, Sister Tuttle

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