Monday, December 29, 2014

December 29,2014

I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas! I am so grateful that I was able to skype! I am also super grateful that skype actually worked! IT'S A CHRISTMAS MIRACLE!!! (If you know Jamaica, you know why that was a miracle...)

Sister Coleman and Sister Mashabela

We had 4 meal appointments in 3 days this past week. ANOTHER CHRISTMAS MIRACLE!!! And no one even attempted to feed us chicken foot or cow head and tripe. The Christmas miracles were definitely in abundance! 
Curry goat

On Christmas Eve we had the other sisters over for the night. It was really fun. We FINALLY got our oven working so we made chocolate chocolate chip cookies. yum. We pulled our mattresses out into the living room and had a big sleep over. It felt nothing like Christmas, but we had a good time. 
On Christmas day we Skyped...OF COURSE. And it was lovely. I think missionaries should be able to Skype every day. Then maybe I would be sick of all of you and not miss you so much. lol. That is never going to happen, but I can dream right? We went to Anna-kay's (recent convert) for lunch. We waited for a solid hour and a half and it still wasn't done. They just gave us boxes of food and we left for Sister Sterling's. She fed us rice and peas (beans), pork, chicken, mashed potatoes, and veggies. It was sooooo good! To be honest it is probably a good thing we don't get fed very often.....I would gain a lot of weight here. 
Fried Chicken
Christmas night the Elders asked us if we would take them caroling in our area. When they asked who we should go see of course I said, SISTER MCLAREN! We walked all the way up to her house, but she wasn't there. Instead we went to a few other families. The next day we were walking on the street and we saw her. I told her we had stopped by and she told us she had been with her father. I gave her a mint candy and told her Merry Christmas. Yesterday at church she came up to sister Rampersad and I and told us that the night before she had woken up with a terrible stomach pain. She told us that she reached into her pocket and pulled out the mint we had left her. She said as she ate it the mint soothed her stomach and she was able to go back to sleep. I don't really know what this means, but I hope it means that her heart is being softened. 

We would have bought them if they actually fit our heads.....
So for the past few weeks Sister Rampersad and I have been asking this Rasta for a lock of his hair. Every time he tells us next time, next time, next time. We just wanted one to tape in our journals. Lol. I just realized how weird this sounds. Anyways, yesterday we were at Anna-kay's house teaching her sister Donna-kay and the Rasta's mom who is also a Rasta was there. We casually asked her for a lock of her hair and she said, of course! She grabbed a pair of scissors and cut out two locks for us. We were seriously in shock. We gratefully took them and it is now taped proudly in my journal. 

Believe me, seeing a horse in Jamaica is super random!!!!
It rained a lot yesterday and I realized a lost my umbrella a few days ago. I am determined not to buy another one because I feel like I just left it at someones house. I ask everyone we visit if I left my umbrella at there house. I feel so sad that I lost it. They do not make umbrellas that strong in Jamaica. 
Little Abby wearing my glasses

I hope you all have fabulous new years celebrations. I will be sleeping so enjoy it for me:)
Sister Tuttle

GRAND MARKET!!! Or in other words.....stay off the streets if you want to keep your life.

Rice and peas for days

Cakes and muffins (fingers crossed they didn't have any rum in them)

Manish water (goat foot sweat soup)

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