Monday, December 8, 2014

December 8, 2014



Happy 2 months!!

As I read emails it sounds like this past week was a long one for everyone. It was a long week for me too! Sister Rampersad and I have been a bit sick this past week with sore throats and upset stomachs. We are good now, but this past week was a bit of a struggle.

Sister Rampersad and I teach a lot of lessons at the church. It is nice to have the church so close to the town and our area because it is one of the only places in all of Jamaica where it is semi-quiet. Last Tuesday we were at the church to teach a lesson and President Brown was there to interview a member of the branch. When he finished he asked if he could join in on our lesson!! Of course we said yes, but we were terrified! It was actually a really nice lesson. President Brown is an incredible teacher and I learned so much from him in just a 45 minute lesson with an investigator. I learned that we need to be more precise with our teaching. We need to slow down and explain and ask questions about what we are teaching to make sure our investigators understand. I have a long way to go, but I am working on it.

In order to get to our house we walk down this little dirt road track thing (it sounds a bit sketchy, but it is really not bad!). Anyways it was dark and we were just minding our own business and all of a sudden out of the corner of my eye I see this man sprawled in some bush. Sister Rampersad didn't notice him, but I grabbed her hand and when she saw him we both just started walking fast. Once we were out of the track we just started laughing. We had no idea if he was just passed out or dead. The next day he was gone so he was probably just hung over or something. The weirdest part is, these random, crazy, weird things that happen all the time are starting to seem normal.

Yes. That is a bottle of rum.

A ladies husband in our branch died a few weeks ago and the funeral was this week. We went to visit her the other day and her family from England was there. They told me they were from London and I asked them if they knew President and Sister Jordan. THEY DID!! They said Sister Jordan does activities every Tuesday night for them. How small is this world??? Seriously how random is that? I told the lady to tell Sister Jordan hi for me.

This kid is not as cute as he looks. He beats me up every time we go to his house!

Did you watch the Christmas Devotional? We watched it, but because of the time difference it didn't start until 8 o'clock. It was okay though, it was so worth it. It is so weird to see Christmas decorations because it really does not feel like Christmas time. It was really nice to see. I loved the story about the kids who got a dill pickle for Christmas. The fact is that a lot of the children in Jamaica will have similar experiences this year for Christmas. It is really sad. Speaking of sad I bawled during the story of the boy with cancer. That neighborhood sounds so nice. I miss nice neighborhoods.

My tooth is kinda bothering me... should I go to this dentist??

I have not gotten the package from Grandma Tuttle yet. I will probably get it at zone conference this Friday. The office is holding everyone's packages until then because of Christmas. My clothes are holding up really well, and despite the teasing I got from some people I am incredibly grateful I brought so many clothes! Yogurt is pretty expensive here so I just put ice, water, frozen fruit, and this powder flavoring in the smoothies, YUM!

I love you people with all my heart! Will you send me more pictures of your beautiful faces??

Sister Tuttle

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