Monday, February 16, 2015

February 16, 2015

Great news: I GOT MY VAL DAY PACKAGE TODAY!!!!! And it was only 2 days late!


More good news: I think my home sickness is dying down a little bit... I didn't even cry as I opened the package. Believe it or not, I am growing up (just a little bit).

Even more good news: My new mission card came! My district leader forgot to bring it to me today, but at least it is in May Pen!!!

YAYAYAYAYAYAAYAYA!! So much good news!!!

Lizard eggs that were in our mail box

So this week has been really hard (especially with Munchie leaving), but it has been full of laughs. That's what I love about Sister Dill, we are always laughing! The laughs started last Monday as we were walking to a less actives house. It was dark and we were just walking down the street when all of a sudden I feel something hit me in the head. I start freaking out and laughing at the same time, and Sister Dill has no idea what is going on. When I finally caught my breath I told her that a bird just pooped on my face. A BIRD POOPED ON MY FACE. Luckily sister dill had tissues in her bag. Oh man, we laughed and laughed.

My Jamaican Sistas

Because Sister Dill and I are struggling with investigators we have been teaching a lot of less actives lately. Sister _____ is a less active that was baptized just over a year ago. We went to her house Sunday after church to have a lesson. I asked her why she hadn't come to church, and she gave me some excuse (there are so many I can't even remember the one she gave). I pointed out to her that she hasn't been to church for the past six weeks. She got defensive and tried to tell me that she had come within the past few weeks. When I was able to kindly list the things that have been going on in the branch lately(district conference, Caribbean conference) she changed the subject. These people don't realize how long they have been away from church. They keep telling themselves "it hasn't been that long, I will go next week" but something always comes up. Church attendance is the thing that all of the people we teach are struggling with. Seriously, I think Stephano and Allisa are the only people can always count on to be at church.

Pretty sunrise

We have two investigators that are pretty close to baptism. Lisa and Ray. Their only problem is church attendance. Last week when President Brown was here he suggested that Sister Dill and I go up to Ray's house early Sunday morning and wake him up for church. We did it last week so of course he was on time. He told us he was going to come on time on his own this week, but he never showed up. As for Lisa she had to go to a baby christening so she didn't come to church either. I guess we are just not teaching Sabbath day right. These people just don't understand the importance of church attendance!  We are having a zone meeting on revelation through church attendance on Wednesday so hopefully we will learn some new teaching ideas.

Sister Horrnet enjoying her banana chips

When Sister Rampersad and I were together we were teaching this girl Renaye. A few weeks before Sister Rampersad left Renaye got a job in Kingston and was gone all day every day. It was sad, I always loved teaching Renaye. She is adorable and hilarious! Last week her work transferred her into May Pen so we get to start teaching her again! I am so happy!

How many missionaries does it take to open the church gate??

So even through our many afflictions we can see God guiding us (I think Nephi said something like that, He is such a good guy).

All is well and this week is going to be great!

Lol at the Elders trying to open the broken gate with their own strength


Sister Tuttle

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