Monday, February 23, 2015

February 23, 2015

Where to begin? Where to begin?

This week has been crazy and it has just flown by! Seriously, I can't believe I am sitting here again writing another letter!

With all my little kiddies

So on Monday I finally got the Valentines package (I loved it so so much). There were a bunch of Valentine cards in it and I just had no idea what to do with all of them. I decided I was going to make a Valentine for every person in Anna-Kay's yard. We went to Anna-Kay's house and I had her name everyone in the yard. Okay so you may be thinking 10-15 people, right? Oh no, I made up over 50 valentines! I bought some sweeties (Jamaican for candy) to attach and wrote each persons name on the card. You should have seen it. I had all of the Valentines categorized in alphabetical order and separated in bags. lol it was great. I passed some of them out on Wednesday night and left the rest with Anna-Kay. I just love all those people so much!

We had zone meeting in Mandeville on Wednesday. 3 cheers for another bus ride to Mandeville (so much sarcasm). Wednesday was Ash Wednesday which apparently is recognized as a real holiday here, So it took forever to fill the bus. Good news was that there was no one on the road so we got there really quickly.  We talked about how to get our investigators to church. Nothing really that I haven't been studying lately. We did talk about the importance of bearing testimony and sharing personal experience. That is when the spirit is the strongest and when investigators are most likely to understand the importance.

A little rasta boy and his brother. They are adorable.

Well, I have been putting this off, but I guess I better tell you. Transfer calls came on Saturday morning......I am being transferred to........OCHO RIOS!!!! Did you ever think this day would come?? I didn't and let me tell you, I was not ready for it. As soon as the sister training leaders said I would be leaving May Pen tears came to my eyes. Sister Dill is staying in May Pen and she will be training. We both cried all morning. We haven't had enough time together. I HAVEN'T EATEN ENOUGH OF HER FRIED CHICKEN!! Every where we went on Saturday I started crying. I mean not a lot of crying, just a few tears, that is until we saw Anna-Kay. I was having a really hard time saying it to her, but once I did we all cried. I AM GOING TO MISS THESE PEOPLE SOOOO MUCH.  When I was leaving home I just could not wait to be done saying goodbyes. My eyes were swollen and red and my nose was raw. I was just ready to get out into the field and be done with goodbyes. I cannot tell you how silly I was to think that. Leaving May Pen feels almost like leaving my home home. There has been less crying, but this is still hard!  These people have become family. I love them so much! They have changed me and made me better.

BUT good news is I am going to Ochi. Let me tell you a little bit about what everyone tells me about Ocho Rios....TOURIST SPOT. Everyone tells me I will be seeing a lot more white people...That will be weird. White people in May Pen are very rare and every time there is one you can spot them from a mile away. Anyways, Ochi is right by the ocean, Sooo yayayaya for that. Bad news is that I will be driving a truck (seriously, my worst nightmare!). I am so terrified to drive here. Everything is opposite. The wheel is on the right side and they drive on the left side. Confusing enough??? I don't know we will see how it goes.

Well I love you all and I hope you have a wonderful week. Thanks for all the prayers!!
I love you! I love you! I love you!!
Sister Tuttle

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