Monday, February 9, 2015

February 9, 2015


Good morning! I hope you are all enjoying this lovely February morning!
Oh and............HAPPY FOUR MONTH MARK!!!
Wasn't I just saying happy three month mark just yesterday?? That went quickly!

We found this short cut and it led us to this!

So this week has been pretty average. I am sorry, it was just average. That's it. Okay no I will try to round up some stories to tell you....

T wearing my dino stickers as earings

Okay, this week has been filled with a bunch of non-comfirmists (I just made up that word. It means someone who won't confirm their appointment). There have been quite a few days where I have felt that we have ABSOLUTELY no one to see. I was becoming overwhelmed and discouraged. There came a point that I just wanted to go back to the apartment and crawl back in bed and never come out, BUT I DIDN'T.  I just kept walking in the blazing sun praying for the strength. The Lord is giving me the strength I can tell you that. I would never be able to do this without him.

My replacement star! I love it!!!

So, this weird sensation has been coming over me the past week. Actually it is more of a lack of sensation. When I first got here I would remind myself I was in Jamaica and it was so exciting! Now all of a sudden it just seems so normal. It is so weird. This place actually feels like home (never as much as home home feels, but it still feels like home). As much as this place drives me crazy I love it so much. I am so comfortable walking these streets now! I love all of the people we pass every day, I love our investigators, I love the members, I just love everyone!!! Even in it's filth I love May Pen.

Last day out with the munchsters

Friday night to Saturday we had trade-offs with the sister training leaders. Sister Dill went to Mandeville and I stayed in May Pen. It was pretty average.....

Munchie left for the MTC last night! I can not even tell you how torn up I am about it! I just kept telling her not to go. I know I am terrible and selfish! I just want to keep her here all to myself!!! She is going to be the best missionary ever though and I just hope I will be able to serve around her at some point in our missions!

Right before Munchie left!

Sister Dill and I often have conversations about race. We usually discuss how we just cannot even understand why people have to be treated differently because of their skin color. I just cannot make sense of it in my head. Last night it strayed from black and white to Asians. We talked about how Jamaicans call any type of Asian person Mr. Chin. Goodness the conversation was hilarious. She said to me,
"Jamaicans don't call all Asian people Mr.Chin because they are racist.... only because they are lazy." Lazy??

I saw this kitty on the beach the other day... lol just kidding! I just think it is adorable!

Well I love you SOOO much!!! HAVE A GREAT WEEK!

Enjoy a caramel apple for me:)

Sister Tuttle

The water pressure was ridiculously low the other day. Let's just say it takes a long time to shower!

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  1. You are doing a great job. Keep it up. Your smile will help you . So sorry to not have your family in our Ward anymore. How I love your family and especially your Mother and Aubrey. The Muller Park 3rd Ward has gained a wonderful family and your Father will be a great Councilor in the Bishopric My prayers each day are for the Missionaries Sending my love Sister Cannon