Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Mar. 9, 2015

Thank goodness for Monday mornings. I am living for these hours.

Ya that's right. BEACH!

So good news. The driving is getting better. I still hate driving at night (everyone drives with their brights on at night) but I am much more comfortable. You should see some of the streets that I drive on. First of all Jamaica is famous for potholes and I can attest to that! POTHOLE central. Also I drive up and down these tiny tiny dirt roads that I only pray I wont meet someone coming the opposite direction. It is all part of the experience though and all is well!

Sonya's granddaughter, Sonya. She is adorable

So I am in Ocho Rios right? And it is beautiful. Everyday we pass a bunch of tourist places. Just to name a few (you can go Google them, but don't be jealous because I can't even go to them):
Duns River
Mystic Mountain
Dolphin Cove
Calypso Rafting
The Riu hotel
Beach after beach after beach....
It is going to make a great trip back. Mom and Dad, start planning, and saving because we will have to pay the tourist price....

Misty Mountains

So Wednesday as missionaries we have District Meeting. In May Pen we just had district meeting at the church, but Ochi is so much better. Every Wednesday we have district meeting at the senior couples apartment. Oh man, it is so nice. Their apartment over looks the city of Ochi and you can see the ocean and at the end we always get a homemade treat from Sister Hardy. I can honestly say I have never looked forward to district meeting until now. It's great.

Tourist place

So as for the people that we are teaching. We have a super solid investigator named Sonya. Her sister was just baptized in a different branch a few weeks ago so Sonya has a really great example to look to. She reads her Book of Mormon, and comes to church every week (except the past two weeks she has missed sacrament meeting...grrrrr). Her date is for March 21st so we are praying that she continues to progress.
Just a cool little shop on the side of the road

We are working to reactivate a less active named Brother Wayne. Brother Wayne was baptized about a year and a half ago. When the missionaries met him he couldn't read at all. It has gotten better, but we are really working with him. He has such a desire to read well so that he can pass the sacrament and give talks and teach classes. He is the most humble man I have ever met and just meeting with him two times I have learned so much. As we were reading with him I felt the power of the Book of Mormon. Not only does the Book of Mormon teach us what we need to do to obtain eternal life, it has the power to help someone learn to read. Whenever we walk away from his little cottage my heart is full.

Wayne's Cottage. Pretty, right??

If I thought we didn't get fed in May Pen, Ochi is worse. The members live far and most are very poor. It's okay though I am still loving my tacos and sandwiches.

Just this sweet old lady we met the other day

I hope you all have a great week!!!!
Thanks for the prayers!

Sister Tuttle

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