Monday, March 23, 2015

March 23, 2015


Well, what can I say. This week was just plain average. The best kind of average though.

Just taking Jaxon's advice by chillin on our veranda. 

So nothing really cool or out of the ordinary happened this week so I am just going to tell you about all the people we are teaching.

Beach! Please excuse the random people in the background

Sonya: Oh Sonya. She is so great! She is just this sweet tiny lady. Her sister was recently baptized in another branch and Sonya was referred to us. Sister Garrett and Thompson started teaching her before I got here. This woman is so prepared! The biggest problem we were facing with her was coming to church on time. We had to push back her baptismal date because she wasn't coming on time. Every time we went we testified of the sacrament and it's importance. She came almost an hour early yesterday so I think she got the message. lol. If everything goes as planned this week and Satan stays away she will be baptized this coming Saturday!! YAYAYA! So exciting.

Beach and tan lines

Kristine: We met Kristine through this other lady we were teaching. She works at the craft market in Ochi. Despite it's name the craft market is not a place you go to do adorable crafts, as much as I wish it was. The craft market is just a one stop shop for all your Jamaican souvenirs. I secretly love it in there. Anyways, back to Kristine. We have taught her the Restoration and the Book of Mormon. She lives pretty close to the church, but she still didn't come yesterday. I don't know why. Excuses, excuses. She is super nice to us though. She gave us bracelets the other day so pretty much she is my favorite.


Nigel: One day we were walking around Parry Town to meet new people. As we were walking by he called to us. He asked us if we knew Elder Martin and Elder Beck. Of course we know Elder Martin and Elder Beck. He told us that they were teaching him about a year ago. He said that with the changing missionaries he was forgotten and the missionaries stopped seeing him. When he told us he was 24 I was like, YES this guy can still go on a mission. Then he told us that he has a 4 month old son. Well, he can still marry his baby mother and get married in the temple. He was supposed to come to church yesterday, but his boss made him pick up some chickens for the cook shop. Darn. Next week. The only problem with Nigel is whenever we go to see him there are always distractions in the lesson. Since we can only see him while he is working he occasionally has to get up out of the lesson to make deliveries. Also there is this guy Shilo that loves to hang around during the lessons. Shilo is a Nazerite.  It is kind of creepy. He talks about all these visions God has given him. He talks about things to come that he can't tell us about them because we wouldn't believe him. Anyways, we just make sure we always have a member in that lesson....

Inside the dollhouse

So those are just a few of the investigators that we have been working with lately. Other than that everything is great. Sister Thompson is kinda cryie lately because she goes home soon, but I tell her that she still needs to smile. Lol it is working out. The branch it great. Tourists come to church pretty regularly. I love it because most of them are from Utah. They are so nice and they just feel like a piece of home. And that is pretty much it.

Inside the dollhouse

I hope you all have a fabulous week!

Sour sap. Delicious

I love you all with all my heart!

Sister Tuttle

Following is an email chat between Hannah and her dad.
Hannah: HIIII DAD!!! Loved the pictures from you this week! Especially the mountains! BEAUTIFUL!

Dad: Good to hear from you!!!

Hannah: You too! I love the man cave too! So cool!! are you going to put some up in my room??

Dad: Your room? We've turned your old room into man-cave #2.
Just kidding.
Mom is looking forward to painting your room. I don't think I could convince her to clad your room in rusty steel sheets.

Hannah: ANOTHER MAN CAVE? NO!  hahaha. What color is she going to paint it. You can tell her to throw everything in there away. Except for my clothes. And my medals.

Dad: We won't throw anything away. We'll either put everything in boxes or back on the shelves. That will give you something to do when you get home. Actually, I think you were supposed to do that before you left. Maybe we could ask your mission president if you could come home for a week to clean your room.
I've already drywalled and mudded the area of your room that was affected by the door addition. It's almost ready to paint. We've been using your room for tool storage (and other storage: dressers, dress-ups, etc.). I tried to take some bags of salt into the mechanical room the other day and gave up. I left them at your doorway.
I will vote to paint your colors the same as the guest room. It turned out really well. But if mom has other ideas, I'm sure I could be persuaded. Mom would like to start painting your room now that the bathroom is done. I'd rather to jump back in the laundry room. So much to do . . . so little time.

Hannah: Ya do you realize that you have barely over a year to finish the whole house?? Dad I am almost at 6 months!!!! 6 months sounds like such a significant amount of time!! crazy stuff!! I really wouldn't mind if you painted my room white. Just a white room. OR a nice light gray. I am growing up dad. no more bright purple and green.

Dad: You've been living in pink houses. I thought you'd want pink. (Sarcasm).
White, gray, and/or brownish-gray. It will look good, trust me.

Hannah: HAHA that is probably the reason I want white gray or brown... I trust you. I cant wait to see it! Take down those cork boards and that collage of me.

Dad: Take down the collage of you? No way. Half of the house looks like a shrine to Sister Tuttle. We love Hannah collages!

Hannah: Are you serious?? I want to see pictures of that!! Speaking of that is my plaque up in the church? How does it look?

Dad: Yes, your plaque is up at the church and has been moved from the 2nd ward to the 3rd ward. You are not at the bottom any more (meaning there are other missionaries who come home later than you). We like to see you move toward the top. But don't get trunky. Keep working hard and think about what you can do TODAY.
Your picture looks good at the stake offices, too. Eileen Waite revised the missionary display at the stake. It looks much better and you look great.
Jerry Howard (junior) had his picture rejected from the stake. He had a pin-striped shirt on. They made him take another one with a white shirt.
I'm debating on whether to show you the Hannah Shrine. When I started, mom said, "That's a little weird" We just have a bunch of pictures stuck to the wall. No statues of you (at least not yet).

Hannah: hahaha show me anyways I want to see the pictures you like enough to print out!

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