Monday, March 30, 2015

March 30, 2015

There is member that whenever she hears anyone say hello she always says, "Stop saying Hello, Hell low, we need to say Hi! As in high pointing to Heaven."

So HI!!


So this week we had zone conference in Montego Bay!!! Sister Mundle (Munchi) is serving in Mo Bay and for weeks I had been looking forward to seeing her. Inspiring messages from the AP's and President Brown. They fed us pizza and banana cake (and that is why I love zone all the spiritual stuff.) After lunch we watched MEET THE MORMONS!!!  Have you ever seen it? Let me tell you something, before my mission I loved to obsess over things. American flags, cats, Harry Potter on and on. Being on a mission there are not many things you can obsess over. Let's see I have my scriptures. I have to admit I love Nephi. But other than that there is nothing. Well besides Meet the Mormons. I am obsessed with that movie. It is sooooo good. As soon as it was over I just wanted them to start it over. It was a really fun day.

I will never stop sending beach pictures. 

When we got back from Mo Bay, our investigator Sonia had her baptismal interview. YAYAYA. Our district leader said she did really well and she was ready to be baptized on Saturday.

Friday night we stopped by the beach to see if it would be quiet for the baptism on Saturday. It was perfect. Quiet and not very many people.

Oh goodness, Saturday. What a day. It started in the morning when not a single soul would let us see them. Days like that are just funny to me now. Seriously, how is it possible that we can call 30 people and NO ONE is home. We eventually decided just to show up at one of our less actives homes. She wasn't there so we visited a member. His name is Brother Francis. Brother Francis was baptized by some elders about 2 years ago. He is a great member. He is actually the only member in Ochi that occasionally feeds us. He is great. We read the Book of Mormon with him and chatted for awhile. He tells us all of his dating stories. It is hilarious. As we were walking out we noticed that one of our front wheels was really flat. Like not all the way flat, but clearly losing air. Bad. Sister Thompson called the office elders (bad idea. Office elders can't stand sisters and their car troubles. It is just a fact). I ended up talking to them. They kept telling me to get the jack from the back but THERE WAS NO JACK. The conversation went something like this:
"Sister Tuttle, the jack is behind the seat."
"Okay well it is not there."
"Do you know what a jack is?"
"Of course I know what a jack is, okay it's okay I am going to figure this out"
I get off the phone and see Brother Francis marching down the drive way with a bike pump. I was just thinking, "A bike pump? What good is that going to do??" We called the senior couple and while I was talking to Elder Hardy, Brother Francis starts pumping up the tire with the bike pump. Oh man, it was so funny. I was laughing, but Sister Thompson was stressing. She kept saying stuff like:
"It is so hot"
"I am so hungry"
"My belly is hurting"
"Why is this happening"
"I am so stressed"
"We have people to see"
"My belly is hurting"
I was just there laughing and taking pictures of the scene. Anyways, it turned out that Brother Francis was able to pump it up enough that it could take us into town.

lol at Sister Thompson's swear face 


On the way to the gas station I bought some chinese food for Sister Thompson and me (priorities) and this funny old rasta man shot a patch into the tire. Quick and easy. The whole time I was just praying that Satan was putting all his focus on us and leaving Sonia alone. We finally made to the church at around 5 o'clock. Sonia was already there. She said that her day had gone so smoothly. She was able to finish work early and get everything done that she needed to. We were so happy for her.  After the service we all walked over to the beach. While everyone was changing Sister Thompson and I walked down to the water. The scene was completely different than what we had seen the night before. There were tons of people on the beach and loud music playing. STRESSING! We talked to the lifeguard and he said it was going to die down in the next 20 minutes. We all walked down to the water together and took pictures. Eventually people left and they were able to preform the ordinance. It was just the best thing ever. So spiritual. I just know this gospel is true. We went back to the church and watched the woman's conference. I love the woman's conference and I am so looking forward to general conference!

Sunday was fast and testimony meeting. Sonia received the gift of the Holy Ghost. She bore her testimony about the past few weeks. It was really great.


I don't know if this picture does any justice to the ridiculously small road I was forced to drive on. Trust me it was tiny...and terrifying.

Well, you know that I love you! Have a great week!

Sister Tuttle!

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