Monday, July 27, 2015

July 27, 2015

Afternoon, afternoon,

Last Monday was spent on Paradise Island at Atlantis. Enjoy the pictures and try not to be too jealous. We couldn't get in the water anyways....


Okay so Sister Nelson and I have this way of describing our companionship. We call it the "excitement companionship". It pretty much just means that everything that happens just causes excitement. I mean, so many ridiculous things have happened ever since I got to Nassau. Seriously, every time we get something taken care of, it actually turns out that it is not taken care of. Augustin's baptism was no exception. We should have known. We really should have been prepared for it. I guess we are still learning our lesson. So what happened is we were filling out Augustin's baptismal record to send into the office. It turns out that his name is actually Mertilus Augustin. Not Augustin Mertilus. Yes. Yes. We asked President Brown and the baptism needs to be redone. Our branch president talked to Augustin on Sunday and originally he agreed. We were planning to have the baptism that night at the church. It was going to be a very private and short. After a time though I guess he started having doubts. He is having a hard time understanding that it needs to be done perfectly. His concern lies in the fact that he knows that Heavenly Father knows who he is, and the name really shouldn't be that big of a deal. We saw him Sunday night and he said he just needs some time. We will keep praying and working with him. Excitement.

That night Sister Nelson and I were talking about all the stuff we have been through together and we started quoting the Joseph Smith movie. There is this part when he is talking to Emma and he says, "I guess I am meant to swim in deep waters, better deep than shallow." And that is just us.

Excitement Companionship

On the plus side, I don't have to teach district meeting this week because it is zone meeting. THANK GOODNESS.

So today is Sister Nelson's birthday. It is Jamaican tradition to flour people on their birthday. So the flouring started with Sister Medley throwing a cup of flour on Sister Nelson. Sister Nelson secertly had a bag of flour in her pocket and that is where the war began. Oh my goodness. Flour was flying and even water was being tossed around.  Well, needless to say the house was a mess and I had to wash my hair again. Booooooo. We got some good pictures out of it, and overall it was worth it.

Things are going well in Nassau. We are supposed to be finding 3 potential investigators everyday, but everyone we meet are jokers. We need a stronger teaching pool. All these missionaries keep reminding me that you go through the 99 to find the 1. Oh man, that just made me remember this finding experience we had the other day. We were walking down this road and we pass this yard with a few people in the front. I was probably mumbling and grumbling about being scared to talk to them and we just walked by. Once we had passed the yard we hear some one yell "aren't you going to leave me with anything". Lol. Heavenly Father has some pretty hilarious ways of helping us overcome our fears.


I think I can say that I am enjoying myself here, even despite all the excitement. The good part is that it makes for a lot of stories.

I love you all so much and hope you have a great week!
Sister Tuttle

Sister Nelson and I

Elevator Fun

The view . . . It looks fake, but it is soooo real.

On our way to ATLANTIS

And the four fish just perfectly above us.



Anyone recognize this slide from Mary Kate and Ashley's "Fun in the Sun"?


Nassau Sisters

My name sake (Sister Tuttle)

Andrea and peanuts

I just love him

Flouring Sister Nelson on her birthday

How I ended up like this . . . I will never know


Sister Nelson did her studies in her flour mess

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