Monday, September 7, 2015

September 7, 2015

Sister Rob says hi. And so do I,

Heavenly Father just loves us so much.

Yes. Yes. I made everyone where these hats on the beach. They secretly loved it and completely plan on doing it for their birthdays.

It's true. He cares about even the silly little things. If they are important to us, they are important to him.

I remember thinking about my birthday around Christmas time last year. I don't know why it was on my mind so far in advance, but occasionally it would cross my mind. I even opened my two year calendar and looked for what day of the week my birthday would be. Monday. How lucky is that? I have one birthday on my mission and it ends up being on a P-day. I remember hoping that I wouldn't be new in an area for my birthday. I wanted to be able to celebrate it with the people around me. I did not want my birthday to be just another day of missionary work. Well, my prayers were answered and my 20th birthday was incredible. I can honestly say that I don't think I have ever had such a fun birthday! I started planning my birthday about a month ago. I was reading a few past journal entries last night and it is hilarious to see how many times I wrote, "It's almost my birthday! I am so excited!" Which is weird. I am never looking forward to my birthday. So anyway, I made all these plans, which included multiple phone calls for information about Paradise Island and many prayers for good weather.

You all know how the day started..... flour. Not to mention pancakes. After emailing a member met us on Paradise Island and bought us all lunch. MMMMMMMMM. Despite the picture of food I sent, I did eat more than just chocolate cake. After lunch we went to this popular picture place called the Cloister. It was fun. I felt like I was in the secret garden or something magical like that. Then we went to the BEACH! We ran from the waves and played in the sand. The water was stunning. I have never seen such beautiful colors in the sea. When our P-day ended we had a few lessons and went home for the night. I gathered the other sisters and I FINALLY opened my presents that have been sitting in my closet for SOOOO long! And then we ate the birthday brownies. Overall it was such a fun day! When I went to my bed for the night I was exhausted and happy.

Hanging out with Drae after church

The rest of the week was good. Sister Robinson and I have started knocking on doors. In Jamaica we are not allowed to knock on doors and when I was with Sister Nelson I just never did it. We always street contacted. At first I was scared to knock on peoples doors. And then I just thought what better to bother people with then the message of the Restoration. I got over myself and now it is kind of exciting. Being a missionary is so weird.

We had interviews with President Brown over skype on Friday. That makes my fourth interview. In other words I am getting old on the mission.

Opening presents

We had 3 investigators at church on Sunday, plus a less active family we are working with. I am learning how to ask for specific things as I pray. It is so funny because it is something we encourage investigators to do, but I am just know putting it into practice. Trust me, it works.

It took time, but I love Nassau. It was inevitable. And I will probably struggle when I go back to Jamaica. That is just how missionary work goes.

I am happy, happy, happy.
I hope you all have a grreeeeeaaatt week.
Sister Tuttle
Nuff love

The big 2-0

Birthday brownies!

Birthday lunch on Paradise Island with Jerome!

Dessert... If you know me, you know which one is mine.


The Cloister

She puts up with me

Cabbage Beach!

My birthday table

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  1. Hannah, I love you! Thanks for all your energy.......enjoy. Aunt Jeanne