Monday, December 14, 2015

December 14, 2015

Merry Christmas from the Nassau sisters!

I am going to start from the end today.  Saturday we received our transfer calls. Can you believe it, another transfer gone by? Time is absolutely flying! This whole transfer I have been making preparations to leave. I mean 5 transfers?? It is time for me to leave. So I got thinking about having to leave right before Christmas. I am not going to lie.... I selfishly wanted to stay. I mean this place is my home away from home. I am so happy here. I love Sister Robinson and Sister Brown and everything is just so great! So I just mentioned in one of my emails to President Brown, I told him that if there was any reason he needed me to stay in Nassau for a few more weeks, I would do it. That same afternoon President Brown called me and told me he is giving me early transfer calls. He told me that he needed me to stay in Nassau for another transfer (There are a few factors that play into this: There are no sisters with work visas for Nassau. They need a driver in this area, Sister Pace left unexpectedly, and on top of all of that there is a shortage of sisters in the mission). When I hung up the phone I told the other sisters. We were jumping up and down in the middle of a grocery store. We all just assumed that the three of us would be staying together for another transfer. Well, we got our transfer calls and it turns out that they are shipping Sister Robinson to May Pen. Sister Brown and I are staying another transfer in Nassau. I just keep thinking back on the call and I realized that I should have been more specific in the email to President Brown. I should have told him that we all need to stay together. This was one of the harder transfer calls.

Christmas nails!

We spent Monday at the mall (yes, Nassau has a mall!) buying each other Christmas presents. Do you know how hard it is to buy a gift for someone that has to be with you 24/7? Well, it is hard. We did it and now all of the gifts are beautifully wrapped under a tiny Christmas tree in our house. I am telling you, It feels like Christmas here. Since Sister Rob is leaving on Tuesday we are planning on opening our presents tonight.

Christmas in the mall

A huge Christmas tree

Our tiny Christmas tree

These past few days have been CRAZY. And time has not been on our side. We have been travelling the entire island getting people to sign Sister Rob's journal. I am feeling the stress and I am not even leaving.

The Caymen sisters

We are working with Joy who is to be baptized on the 20th of December (not if I curse this, but I think she is going to make it). We had a lesson with her early in the week and she told us she cheated on one of her exams. We talked about the importance of repenting before baptism. When she realized she needed to tell her teacher she was TERRIFIED! Well, a few days later this brave little girl confessed to her teacher. The teacher was really nice about it. She said she wouldn't even take off any points because of Joy's honesty. When we saw Joy later that day, she was dancing and singing all about. The burden of sin was lifted. I just love Joy so much.

Sister Nelson

So yes, Sister Rob is leaving on Tuesday and we are still trying to squeeze as much in as possible. We are going to Atlantis today. Plus, we have a bunch of pictures to take tonight. Even though they are taking Sister Rob away right before Christmas and Joy's baptism, I am so grateful we were able to serve together for so long.

I hope you all have a beautiful week. Enjoy the snow for me!!
I love you so much!
Sister Tuttle

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