Tuesday, December 22, 2015

December 21, 2015

Atlantis again

What a week.

We went to Atlantis on Monday, It was pretty fun. It was pretty much the same as last time, but I enjoyed showing the other sisters around. I am telling you all.... I am DYING to jump in the water. Sometimes, my mind just wanders to the pool and I just imagine myself jumping in again. I am not going to lie, I am looking forward to that!

Mormon tourists

Sister Robinson left Tuesday morning. I hated it. End of story.

I thought that because I had already been around Sister Brown for 5 weeks I wouldn't really have to adjust, I was wrong. It is taking time to get used to just Sister Brown. I am giving it 2 weeks though.

Okay here is a little of what I have been feeling lately. I hope you can follow:
Let's say your dog just had a bunch of adorable little puppies. You love them so much and you want the very best care for them. So there comes a time that you have to leave those little, adorable puppies. You don't want to, but that is just how it goes. So you find someone to take care of them. They may like a few of them, but they don't understand each individual puppy like you did. You try to teach them, but they aren't too interested in the nitty gritty. All they want to do is feed the puppies and make sure they are still alive. Now some of the puppies are strong and you don't really worry too much about them, but there are quite a few runts. As the owner you feel like no one else could possibly care or love the little, adorable puppies as much as you do so it is really hard to trust any one else.
Do you get it?? Well, if you don't I will tell you in 4 months.

Christmas dinner from Sister Kemp

Friday was the branch Christmas party. Do you remember my last branch Christmas party in May Pen? Remember how it was supposed to start at 6 but it didn't start until 9?? Ya well, this year was a bit of daja vu. The party was supposed to start at 7, but at that time they were still decorating. They continued decorating (despite the large number of people waiting) until 8:30. Sister Brown and I had to grab our plates and leave. Well, at least the room was decorated nicely.


This week was filled with preparations for Joy's baptism. We saw her every day in order to finish all the lessons. The day of her baptism was... Well, There are so many words to describe it, awesome, chaotic, funny, embarrassing.

We told everyone to be at the church at 8 o'clock in the morning (we are working with Caribbeans here...) We figured the branch president and Camillot would be at the church by at least 8:30. We needed them to be especially early because Sister Robinson would be skyping in on the President Cherenfants laptop. Knowing the unreliable internet we wanted them to come early so we could set it up.  We got to the church around 8:05 (Mormon standard time) and sure enough we were the 1st ones there. Around 8:15 i called the branch president and he said he wouldn't be there until 8:30. I called Camillot and woke him up! Awesome. Anyways, time was going and Joy and her family showed up around 8:30. A few other people wandered in, but still no branch president. Around 8:50 he finally walks through the door. We set up the laptop and of course it is giving trouble. The internet connection was pretty bad (even though it was directly connected to the box) So the baptism finally started and it was chaotic. Kids running up an down and skype going in and out. A young man in the branch named Jouvance baptized Joy. It was really nice.

For the past month while teaching Joy, Sister Robinson has wanted to sing Joy to the World for Joy at her baptism. Why she thought it would be a good idea for 3 missionaries to sing at a baptism still baffles me. Plus, the 3 said missionaries DO NOT HAVE SINGING VOICES!! Anyways, I was completely against it until I found out Sister Rob was leaving then I decided I would do it for her. Big mistake. Have you ever tried to sing with anyone over skype. Well, it doesn't really work. So it was pretty much one of the most embarrassing/hilarious moments of my mission. lol lol lol. The rest of the program went smoothly. Joy was happy and we even finished on time for church.

Joy to the World

Joy and Jouvie

Another great week has gone by. I get to talk to my family on Christmas. I am only pretending that I am not completely excited to see them.
I love you all and wish you the Merriest Christmas yet!
Sister Tuttle

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