Tuesday, December 8, 2015

December 8, 2015

Last P-day Sister Robinson had her hair braided. It took 4 1/2 hours. It was weird because I felt more tired after sitting down for hours then I ever have after a P-day adventure. Anyways, Sister Robs hair looks good!

Primary kids attacking our car

On Tuesday we had a break through with Ronale. I think our last lesson gave him lots to think about. When we saw him on Tuesday he was back to his old self. He told us some of the things he had been feeling towards us and the church for the past few weeks. He related his experience to a relationship. He said "You know when you want to break up with someone, but you don't really know how to do it? I only knew I didn't want to do it over the phone". I am grateful for that. He gave us an opportunity to help him. As we were walking away from the lesson I asked him what changed. Ronale said that sometimes it is a matter of humbling ourselves before God and putting our ego aside. He said he would always have questions, but he couldn't deny the things he already knew to be true. He came to church on Sunday in a suit and tie. It was a Christmas miracle.

I had a slight meltdown Tuesday night concerning District meeting. I have been teaching district meeting for so long and I am not going to lie.... I felt so done. I didn't cry (come on, you know I am stronger than that!). But my frustration was fuming. Instead of planning district meeting I just went to sleep. I woke up the next morning and pulled a few things together and taught district meeting again.

Christmas devotional

Saturday night the Cayman sisters flew in.  Sister Nelson (my last companion) is serving in Cayman right now so she was able to come back to Nassau for a few days. After church on Sunday we split companionships. Sister Robinson, Brown and Thurgood (Sister Nelson's current companion) went together and I went with Sister Nelson. It was just like old times. It was really fun to take Sister Nelson around Nassau again. We were talking and laughing about all our crazy time together. The two Turk sisters were supposed to fly in Sunday afternoon, but I guess they had some visa issues and they weren't allowed on their flight. Bummer. Monday morning was the Christmas devotional. The Freeport elders flew in early that morning and we met them and President Brown and Sister Brown at the church. The devotional was awesome! I have to say it was way better than last year! Maybe it was the fact that there were less missionaries or maybe I am just less home sick.... either way it was good. During the devotional we read the Christmas story from Luke, sang Christmas hymns and watched Christmas videos on Mormon Channel. At the end of the program we were allowed some time to share our thoughts on Christmas and the Savior. Here is something close to what I said:
Every Christmas season there is this specific moment that I always look forward to. On Christmas Eve we go to my grandma's house. On the drive home it is dark and cold outside. Most years the snow is falling and everything seems still. It is just absolutely magical. I am with my family and I am so warm inside. The feeling doesn't come from the gifts or the lights, but the feeling comes from experiencing the true joy of Christmas. Even though it is hard to be away from home again, I would not trade this experience for the whole world. And this Christmas season I am striving to feel that warmth every day through doing the work of the Lord.
I am not going to lie... I got a little choked up, and it was hard to push through my words, but I didn't allow any tears to fall. After the devotional they passed out our Christmas packages. I think that President Brown wanted us to open them, but Sister Brown was there and she wanted us to wait until Christmas morning. They took us to lunch and then we had some time before the Freeport elders flight left. We split again and Me and Sister Nelson and Elder Lewis went finding. It wasn't as awkward and horrible as I thought it would be. It was actually pretty fun and memorable. We were all laughing and talking. I think it is because we are all old on the mission. It is easier to talk to old missionaries. We ended up finding in the rain for a good 30 minutes. We met back at the church soaking wet, but with huge smiles on our faces.


That night we promptly went home, planned for the next day and opened our packages. DON'T TELL SISTER BROWN!!! lol lol lol. I loved my package. I got some good laughs from it (Thanks dad). I think my mother is always worried that I wont like the things she sends me, but I LOVED IT!! I didn't even cry as I went through the gifts.

Opening presents

Kinda looks like the day after Christmas. Right?

I am telling you. It was a great day.

Look at this little angry kitty

I hope you all enjoy your week. I hope you all feel the Christmas spirit and the warmth of the season in your heart. I love you so much!
Sister Tuttle

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  1. Y;ou are a wonderful young lady Missionary Pray that Heavenly Father and our Savior Jesus Christ will watch over you and bless you and your companions in the work. Keep that cute smile going. sending my love and Christmas wishes Sister Cannon