Wednesday, December 30, 2015

December 28, 2015

Merry Christmas!!

This week started out tough. Everyone that we met gave us return appointments for after the holidays. I am telling you. It was tough. We spent our days knocking on doors and teaching less actives. It was the first time in my life that I was actually looking forward to Christmas being over. It's not that I don't love Christmas, I just wanted to get back to work.

A little dog that followed us the entire time we found in this area. His name is Ben.

Here is a picture of Sister Brown talking to someone through a window while an irritating dog waited to chase her out of the yard.

We found a haunted house while finding

I taught district meeting on service. I kept it really simple. We read some scriptures, shared some experiences and read some Christmas stories about service out of past Liahonas. After the lesson we played a Christmas game. So this district is spread out over 4 islands. Nassau, Freeport, Turks, and Cayman. The Cayman sisters are actually in Jamaica dealing with some paperwork so on Wednesday it was just me and Sister Brown, the Freeport elders and the Turk sisters. I was pretty nervous about how a Christmas game would be played over skype, but it went really well. We played the paper game with the topic of Christmas. We were split into two teams, one person from each island on a team. We played for a good while and we had some good laughs. Trying to describe phrases like "Merry Christmas to our dear friends" and "Oh humbug!" It was pretty great.

Hanging out with Jerimiah and Jue Jue

Friday was Christmas and it was AWESOME!! Since we had opened all our presents before Sister Robinson left we didn't really have any presents to open. A member had given us a pretty box of chocolates so at least our tree wasn't bare. Sister Brown skyped her sisters in the morning. As much fun as it is talking to your own family, it is pretty fun watching other people talk to their own families. Sister Brown has 5 sister s and when she gets off her mission 2 of them will be on their own missions. When Sister Brown was done we stopped by Islande's house to drop a little package off for her kids. We ended up having a little lesson with her. We read the story of Christ's birth and talked about Jesus Christ. Then we visited a less active family. We shared something from the Living Christ and then we played a Christmas game. The mom sent us away with chocolate cake and juice. After that lesson we went back to the church and I skyped my family. It was wonderful! We had so many things to talk about and just not enough time. There is never enough time! Still I am beyond grateful that I was able to talk to them... Even though they troubled me about my missionary voice. lol sorry!

Christmas socks

Puzzles from Grandma Tuttle. Mine is the finished one. Sister Brown has yet to finish hers.

Spending a very merry Christmas on the beach!!

After Skyping we went to eat dinner at a members house. We ate so much food. She packed us some food to take home and we left for Sister Meadows house. We played dominos with Sister Meadows and Rayshawn (some of my favorite people... Am i allowed to say that??) I will have you all know that I may have been the only white person there, but I still won a few rounds for dominos. Sister Meadows sent us with a plate of food and CHEESECAKE!! We went to another member's house, but when we got there she was just about to skype with her son. Her son is in Jamaica. His mission finishes in March and his entire family cannot stop talking about him coming home. We didn't stay for too long, and she sent us with food and chocolate cake. Our last stop was Sister Scott. She was supposed to have a bunch of people over for Christmas dinner, but no one came. She had a whole turkey and a whole ham. We talked with her for a while and then she sent us with plates of food.

Christmas night.

So yes is was a good Christmas!

We went to Clifton Heritage park on Monday.

We were pretty late for emailing today because Sister Brown and I started telling each other about all the books we have read. She told me about some good ones that I am going to have to read when I get home. Also, when we went to the library to email we realized today is Boxing Day. The library was closed to we had to take turns on the church computer.

I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas and I wish you all a wonderful new year!!!
I love you!
Sister Tuttle

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