Tuesday, January 12, 2016

January 12, 2016


Last week was really tough. So tough that I was saying and thinking a lot of mean things about this area that I don't really believe.
In about 2 weeks from now one sister will be coming to take my place. Along with that sister 2 elders will be coming to white wash half of Nassau. So because elders and sisters could not possible stay in the same apartment it has become mine and Sister Brown's duty to find a new apartment. And of course everything is last minute I have spent the last few weeks calling members and realtors. Let me tell you something... I have never been so grown up in my life. My mission has made me learn so much about just life in general. Let me tell you something else... Growing up is stressful. I'd rather stay a kid.

I know ya'll(people say that here...I'm telling you they have no culture for themselves) are in the snow. Sorry lol lol

Anyways, One morning we were to meet a realtor at his office so he could show us an apartment.
When we got to his office we realized that he wanted to come in our car (which is completely against mission rules). We tried to explain the rule to him, but he didn't want to hear any of it .We quietly listened to him tell us off for about 5 minutes. Then we just apologized and walked away. The next morning I was surprised to see him calling us. When I answered the phone number of the landlord. I was grateful for the kindness.

We saw this funny little crab on the beach

On top of getting ready for this next transfer the missionary work is struggling. It's the same sob story as usual. No investigators, members flaking and pure jokers all around. Our progressing inv
estigator Maguerite even got a job this week. She works every week day from early in the morning to late at night. we are pretty much restricted to teaching her on Saturdays and Sundays. It is going to be a push, but we are still working towards January 24th.

I finally decided to help Sister Brown with her puzzle. We still never finished...

On the bright side Sister Brown and I went bowling on Monday. It was one of the most memorable P-days I have ever had. Sister Brown had never been bowling before so it was just hilarious. I really wanted to hit 100, but it just didn't happen.

Christmas at the bowling alley


We both broke our fingernails when bowling. lol lol

Yesterday was a random holiday. Majority Rules Day. No one can tell me what the holiday is for. People here just love any excuse to stay home from work and school.

My new dog friend

I was pretty much in a daze of stress last week (poor Sister Brown) but I am over it now and things seem to be working out.

My BFF Ronale that never ceases to give me stress.

I was reading Elder Utchdorf's talk from the last woman's meeting. It's the talk where he tells the story of Eva and Great-Aunt Rose. At the beginning of the story he talks about how all Eva had to do was endure. Then he says, "And oh how Eva hated enduring". I have to say sometimes I feel just like Eva. Enduring is so hard. Especially when you feel alone. But in the end it turns out for the better. There are so many wonderful things about life. I love my mission, but it is probably not the kind of love you are thinking. There are things I cannot stand to deal with, but I am learning things I would never learn at home. I am just so grateful to Heavenly Father.

Do you remember when I was in May pen and this man did a portrait of me and sister Rampersad. Ya well, now I am here in Nassau and this next guy wanted to do a portrait of me and Sister Brown. I was a bit hesitant seeing how the last one turned out, but in the end I really love this one!

Well, I wish you all a wonderful week.
I love you so much and miss you too!
Sister Tuttle

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