Monday, January 18, 2016

January 18, 2016

I have some wonderful news:
Despite all the wickedness and disobedience that seems to be over-running this world, there are still some individuals out there making righteous choices.
Maguerite passed her baptismal interview on Saturday and she will be baptized this Sunday!!! YAYAYAYAYAYA. Maguerite is this really quiet and private person. On the outside she seems a bit indifferent about being baptized. The other day I asked her if she was excited to be baptized on the 24th. She smiled and said yes. Sister Brown and I show all the emotion for her. We were jumping up and down when she came out of her interview.

This is me and Seaga. He is still really cool and he still makes me laugh.

Ronale was deemed a fully active member of the church yesterday! YAYAYAYAYAYAYA I think out of everyone I have worked with while being in Nassau, I am grateful that Heavenly Father has allowed me to see Ronale as an active member. It makes me happy and bubbly inside. Ronale is on fire. He came and cleaned the church Saturday morning (alone... slackness) and now he is even planning to start BYU Pathway. It's pretty much like he is starting a new life. A better, happy and rewarding life. I am beyond happy for him.

It has been raining here all week.  So much rain that we stayed in last P-day. I hate staying in on p-days, but I guess I need to accept the fact that I cannot control everything. We made the best of it though. We watched the Testaments and I painted my nails. Even after 15 months of my mission, I still love painting my nails.

Sister Brown made this nice, nice breakfast the other day. 

The other day we received a referral from church headquarters (sounds official right?). We called her and she told us we could come by Friday night. So Friday night rolls around and we went to her house for our lesson. When we got to her house she tells us that she is leaving and she should come back the next morning. So we call her Saturday morning and she tells us that it would still be okay for us to come. So once again we found ourselves standing on her doorstep. We knocked and rang the doorbell, but no one came to the door. We were starting to walk away and I felt my shoe sticking to the ground. When I lifted it up I realized I had gum stuck to the bottom of my shoe. I tried scraping it off and I ended up using a stick to pull it off. Sister Brown took my shoe and scraped some off with a rock. When the majority of the gum was removed I put my shoe back on and rubbed it in the dirt so it wouldn't be sticky any more. We left her yard and drove away. About 15 minutes later we get a call from the same lady we were supposed to see. She told Sister Brown that at the time we came she had (conveniently) stepped out to run to the shop. We were thinking she was going to tell us to come back for the lesson. She continues and says that when she got home her neighbors told her we were doing witchcraft on her doorstep. The way she was carrying on and accusing us was making me really upset. I had to remind myself that I am a missionary and there are certain things I should not say to this woman. With all the respect I could muster I let her know that I had stepped in gum on her porch and I had removed it with a stick and we left. I told her that she didn't have to believe us, but we are far from being involved with witchcraft (or anything like it for that matter). You know, it really hurts when someone tells lies on you. Luckily Sister Brown and I got over it quickly and now we are just laughing about it.

And that is about it. All the weeks and days and hours are just mushing together.
I hope you all have a fabulous week! I LOVE YOU!

Sister Tuttle

Flashback: Here is a picture of me and sister Lynn in the airport. We had just come off the bus from the MTC and we were catching our flight to Jamaica. She hit her ankle on something and I had to go lifeguard on her in the middle of the airport. lol lol lol.

Another with Seaga

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