Tuesday, March 1, 2016

February 29, 2016

I only took one picture this week...SORRY!

Let me see... I will just start from the excitement....
ELECTION TIME in Jamaica... or in other words... stay inside all day for missionaries. Thursday was election day and we literally stayed inside all day. We did our weekly planning, I filled the area book, we called a few of our investigators, I wrote some letters and read my Book of Mormon. It was a nice and relaxing day up until about 6:30 in the evening. By then I was just plain bored.

There were two parties running in the election. The PNP and the JLP. Thursday evening the results came in that the JLP won the election. Friday morning the people were still celebrating. Loud music, blow horns, dancing in the streets, banging pot covers. Pure noise. So things pretty much went back to normal by Saturday. Or so we thought. Sunday after church we were in a lesson with Beron and our district leader kept calling us. After the lesson I looked at our phone and they had sent us a text saying something about "call us soon, emergency". So we call the elders and they tell us that President Brown has ordered all missionaries to go home and stay in the rest of the night. The elders told us that after a recount of the votes they realized that the PNP actually won by just 2 points. So because of the sudden change a bunch of the JLP supporters were on the rampage. Excitement. Sister Maenetja and I grabbed a bus and went straight home. I spent another evening writing letters. Other than that it was just another normal week of missionary work.

One of our investigators lost her job last week. She had to work every Sunday at that job so she wasn't able to come to church. Even though it is a trial that she lost her job, it is giving her an opportunity to keep God's commandments. She came to church for the first time on Sunday and had a wonderful experience. We are praying that she gets a new job soon, but more importantly that she gets a job where she gets Sundays off.

I got splashed by more dirty pothole water on the way to church Sunday morning.  It's a good thing Sister Maenetja suggested that I change out of my white skirt before we left!

I love you all so much and wish you a wonderful week.
Sister Tuttle

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  1. Wow! Dirty pothole water eh? The details of your letters are what make them so enjoyable-thanks for being such a faithful, awesome missionary! Jamaica is going to miss Sister Tuttle!😊💓