Tuesday, May 5, 2015

May 4, 2015

Good morning everyone!!

This week we had zone meeting in Montego Bay. I always look forward to zone stuff because I get to see Sister Mundle (formerly Funchie Munchie). I love that girl so much!  She has already been out for 3 months. The weirdest thing is how other peoples missions go so quickly, yet mine feels like FOREVER! I am not complaining, I swear I am loving every minute (well, I am giving it an honest effort). Sister Peynado and I taught part of the zone meeting. We taught about being persistently diligent. So a few weeks ago I wrote about speaking in church and how easy it was. Well, I don't know what the difference between a congregation and a group of missionaries is, but this was not easy. I was soooo nervous. Thank goodness for companions though!   I made this little puzzle from a picture of Jesus Christ with questions and examples of diligence. Every one loved it. I was so glad when it was over though!
I can't hold human babies, but no one said anything about kitties!!!!!

On our way home from Mo Bay we stopped in Runaway Bay and met with AJ ( the man from the resort that came to church last week). This man is so prepared! The only problem is his work schedule. Because he is the head chef at the resort he is really busy and usually works on Sundays. We invited him to pray that Heavenly Father will provide a way for him to come to church. He wasn't able to make it yesterday, but we will hopefully see him this week. He is so worth the 60 kilos we have to use to meet with him!
Little Boy

My bff Raj

Nobles family

Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday were very average. I guess summer is on it's way (like it wasn't hot enough here already). I pretty much sweat 24/7. We have fans in our apartment, but they just mix the hot air around. I have bid any hope of ever looking presentable goodbye. Thank goodness for bun head.

Putting plaits (braids)  in a less active granddaughters hair

The process

Sister Peynado was so proud of me!

Saturday we met with this guy named Demar. One of the members of the branch invited him to church last Sunday and he actually came. He is twenty years old and Sister Peynado and I cannot stop dreaming about sending him on a mission. He is really smart and I am just praying he will be willing to make the effort! He is great though. After we met with Demar we had a Relief Society activity. SPA NIGHT! It was really fun! Facials and nails, it was great! It was really good for the women too. They are planning on doing it once a month now.

SPA NIGHT!! The steaming


Also on Saturday we found another river. This new one is just like a Utah river (except the freshly melted snow part). My journal is turning into a treasure map with secret rivers as the treasure. The maps I have been drawing are pretty hilarious. I think I am the only one who can actually read them. So pretty much if any of you are planning on coming to Ochi to see some pretty secret rivers, you have to bring me with you!
Utah river

View from the bridge (not so Utahish part)

Can you believe Sunday is Mother's Day??? YAYAYA I can't wait to see you people! It feels like Christmas is coming again!!

Well, I love you all and I am so looking forward to Sunday!

I hope you all have a fabulous week!

Sister Tuttle

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