Wednesday, July 8, 2015

July 6, 2015

I am going to apologize now for this letter and its pitifully short length. Sorry, please forgive.

A pretty view in Nassau

So Monday afternoon we dropped Sister Wint off at the airport to catch her flight to Jamaica (LUCKKKKYY). Sister Medley's new companion wouldn't come in until Thursday so we were left in a tripanionship. For about three days we covered the entire island of Nassau. It was actually really fun! Plus we ALWAYS had people to see! The other sister's area is the touristy part of the island. It is awesome. Their area reminds me a lot of Ochi. I miss Ochi so it was really nice to spend some time there.

Camillot and the lizard

President Brown flew in on Saturday to take care of some branch business. It is nice to have President Brown on the Island. Being in Nassau seems so far away from everyone. Seriously, we are so disconnected from the mission out here. I mean, not really in terms of the work and announcements, but just in terms of actually knowing what is going on in the mission. We got a new branch presidency on Sunday. The last branch president had been in that calling for seven years! He said when he told his children he was being released, they cheered! Being a member of this church takes sacrifice, but we will receive so many blessings!!!

He pulls off my glasses well

The work in Nassau is going well! We have a baptism scheduled for the 18th of July and two for the 25th!

I tried my very best to celebrate the fourth of July. Everyone in the house wore red, white and blue and we took pictures. I even saw some fire works. Not the best way to spend my favorite holiday, but I made it work.

Seaga "unintentionally" wearing red, white and blue

Thanks for all the love and support! I just love all of you so so much. I appreciate the prayers in my behalf. I am praying for you too.
Sister Tuttle

Happy fourth of July from the Nassau sisters!

Watermelon eating with Sister Medley

Okay is this picture not incredible?? 

Sister Medley's spa night.... Honestly, what missionary house has a foot bath?? Ours. 

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