Monday, July 13, 2015

July 13, 2015

To all those people out there that actually take some time out of their lives to read about mine:

View from the pirate stair case

I don't know what is wrong with me lately, I just feel like I have nothing to write about. Maybe it is the fact that I've gotten so used to change and now that I am staying in Nassau with Sister Nelson, E
verything is just normal. Normal is good though. I would rather have normal than break downs and car accidents.

I realized after taking this picture that it actually looks way more dangerous than it is. And I did not climb over the fence to take the picture!!!

Despite the lack of excitement, stuff is still happening in Nassau. With the change of branch presidency it feels like the whole branch is changing. The building is being cleared out. Years and years of paper work are being organized, meetings are lasting half as long, and I think all of the members are feeling a sense of haste and change. It actually feels really nice.

Last Monday's adventure to a historical site. These are remains of slave houses.

So we have this investigator Seaga. Every time we go to his house wasps fly around Sister Nelson. Sister Nelson has this thing where it is impossible for her to just let it be. She HAS to swat it away. Seaga always gets after her telling her to let it alone and on and on. Well, the other morning she was sitting in the door way drinking some tea when a wasp started flying around her. She tried to flick it, but she wasn't quick enough and it came back and stung her hand. Oh my goodness, the next morning I woke up to see Sister Nelson's hand the size of a large mango. That day we went to Seaga's and he asked her if she had learned her lesson. She said "not completely, I can't say I will never swat a wasp again. I think it would have to sting me in the face for me to learn my lesson completely." lol it was pretty funny.

Sister Nelson's swell up hand

I taught me first district meeting on Wednesday. The elders in Freeport skyped in so the crowd was a bit bigger. The meeting was on building relationships with members and also finding. I used this story from an older conference talk about this man who would not do any work. Some of his neighbors decided because he would not take care of himself they would drop him at the cemetery and let him die. On the way to the cemetery one of the neighbors offered the man some corn and the man asked if it had been husked. The  neighbor replied that it had not so the man told them to drive on. So I made these little corns out of paper and wrote "are we waiting for our corn to be husked". They were adorable. We also played this game where we each wrote a few different situations or ways to start a conversation on little slips of paper. Then each person had to draw a slip and they had 30 seconds to turn their conversation starter into a gospel subject. Wow. I have no idea if that explanation made any sense, but anyways it was fun.

Sister Nelson and Sister Tuttle

So Sister Nelson has this recent convert in Nassau. His name is Herdy and he is so converted. He is fulfilling his priesthood responsibilities by passing the sacrament and he is magnifying his calling. His calling is to distribute hymn books and manuals before church and to pick them up after church. Every Sunday you see Herdy before and after church pushing his little trolly.  So this past week at the very end of church on Sunday we had to evacuate the building. I guess some of the electrical things were melting and smoking and could have started a fire. The greatest part was as we were leaving the building we saw Herdy pulling his little trolly into the sacrament meeting hall to pick up the hymn books. It was great. We need more members like him out here.

The beach

So yes. Things are normal and all is well.
I love you all so so much!
Sister Tuttle
Bless. Bless.



The Ockaroba kid's 

Camillot sleeping in a lesson. lol

Bahama's independence day!


Camillot and our new branch president outside the church. 

I fell asleep one day when Camillot was making us juice. 

The view

Pirates stair case. Apparently pirates carved this stair case in the rock to have easy access to the Island.

Some artistic something or other... We didn't pay for a tour guide so I spent the whole time making stuff up about each of the stops. It was great. 

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