Monday, October 5, 2015

October 5, 2015

The Ballard's house

Hey beh (typical Bahamian hello),
Sometimes I wonder if when I leave Nassau the excitement will leave too. I will have to get updates from Sister Rob.
The week started with dinner at the Ballard's home. It is always fun to go to their house. It is like a museum because there are so many antiques to look at. Sister Ballard made us enchiladas. Mmmmm. It was a nice change from rice and peas and baked chicken. The banana cake with whipped cream on top wasn't bad either:)
Remember when I first got here and I didn't really like it? Actually I just wanted to go back to Jamaica. Well, it has happened again and this place has stolen my heart.  I love the people. I love the branch. I love the streets (that I just happen to know like the back of my hand). I love the sea. I love it here. I love it. I love it.

A pretty picture

Behind the scenes

We were supposed to have zone meeting over skype on Wednesday, but the elders skype wasn't working. That is the sad part about having a zone all across the sea.  Anyways, they pushed it to this Wednesday which means I don't have to plan district meeting again!! (oh man, don't tell anyone that I am so excited about that...)

Another pretty picture

To be honest, I hate the word hurricane. It makes everyone crazy. Wait let me not say everyone. It only makes people who are not on this island crazy. I am sorry, I really tried to take it more seriously, but it is so hard!!!! We got the news that a hurricane was heading for us around Tuesday evening. We heard that it would hit us Friday afternoon to Saturday. We had our preparations left from the last hurricane warning so we didn't stress too much about it. The sister training leaders from Kingston flew in on Wednesday for the first ever off-island trade-off (can you hear the excitement in my voice??). The trade-off started Thursday morning. The sad part it that we spent the entire morning running around trying to get the check for the landlady. After the check was taken care of we got down to business. We have been struggling lately with getting translators for our creole lessons. We discovered if we bribed this one member with crackers and granola bars she would take some time and come to a few lessons with us. We ended up having a pretty good day. When we got home we got a call from Sister Brown that the STL's flight had been pushed to Sunday because of the hurricane. 

Byee Sister Training Leaders from Kingston

THE HURRICANE DID NOT HIT US AT ALL.  This one was a bigger joke than the last one (at least for the island of Nassau. I have head that a few of the family islands are under water). They skies were gray all day, but we didn't get any rain. Not even a drop. I am really grateful though because we had no problems watching conference.

Speaking of conference, it was lovely. My bff Jaxon calls Conference weekend a missionaries Christmas. Shouldn't it be like that for all of us? Well, I can say my mission has truly helped me appreciate conference for all it's worth.  My favorite was Thomas S. Monson's talk about light. He said, "faith dispels fears". In my journal I drew faith and fear wands dispelling each other. It is hard to describe, I should have taken a picture. The wifi worked smoothly and we didn't have any problems. I am so grateful.

Well, I hope you all have a wonderful week.
I love you all so much!
Be good and remember.... The Gospel... IT WORKS!!

Sorry for blurry pic. I love Sister Rob!

Sister Tuttle
Nuff love.

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