Monday, November 16, 2015

November 16, 2015

Mental note: One week free of excitement is then followed by a jam packed week of pure excitement.


Monday evening we went out for our usual P-day adventure (because how could you stay home in a place like this). I just realized that one of my favorite things to do is teach people about adventuring. When I first met Sister Robinson she wanted to stay home every P-day and sleep. Here we are 14 weeks later and she is asking me what adventure we are going on today. There is so much more to life than sitting down doing nothing. So yes we drove all the way to the west side of the island to Jaws beach (I may or may not have heard it was the beach the movie Jaws was filmed... I don't know it could be true). It was beautiful! The water was blue as can be and the sand was probably the softest sand I have ever felt before. I was standing in the water with Sister Pace when I noticed thousands of tiny little fish swimming around our feet. Naturally I reached down to try and grab some. After thrusting my hands in the water to grab some fish for the third time a huge group of big fish popped out of no where splashing and swimming all around us. Sister Pace and I ran out of the water screaming. Once we were safe on dry sand we burst out in laughter. It soon became a game between the four of us to get the big fish to chase us out of the water. There was a lot of screaming and laughing.

Playing in the sand

On Tuesday morning we had a lesson with this new investigator,  Simoya (we actually met her while finding with President Brown). So we were sitting down talking about the Book of Mormon when all of a sudden Sister Robinson jumps out of her chair holding her nose. She manages to tell us that a fly just flew up her nose. Oh. My. Goodness. I had one good laugh about that one. She was running around trying to blow the fly out of her nose. She even tried to make herself sneeze with black pepper, but it didn't work. For the rest of the day she kept telling me ridiculous things like, "half of my face is numb" "I think my eye ball is going to fall out" "I wonder if I swallowed it".

Wednesday I taught district meeting. I taught about using scriptures during lessons. It was one of my favorite district meetings I have taught so far. Half way through the lesson Sister Pace started feeling a lot of pain. She has been sick for the past 6 weeks or so, but it hasn't been too bad. She took a trip to the hospital when Sister Lynn was still here, but they couldn't find any problem. She had actually gone to the hospital on Tuesday and they had given her some medication to ease the pain. Anyways, long story short we ended up taking her to the ER that afternoon. She spent 4 nights in the hospital. They ran some tests, but still couldn't find any problems. President Brown wanted one of us to be with her during the days and since I am the only other driver Sister Brown and Sister Rob took turns staying with her. I cannot tell you how many times I took the Doctor's Hospital elevator to the 4th floor.

Taking Sister Pace to the hospital 

So excitement within excitement:
Sister Pace took sick during district meeting and she didn't think she would be able to drive the car home. So all four of us drove in our car to the hospital and we left the other car at the church. So now this created a problem. I am the only driver and we have a car stuck at the church. We left Sister Pace and Sister Brown at the hospital and Sister Rob and I dropped our car at the house. We were planning to catch a bus, but right outside our neighborhood Sister Rob felt thirsty so we used our bus fair to buy juice. We had to make the journey by foot. Well, at least we had juice.

Juice over Bus... 

They released Sister Pace from the hospital Sunday morning. She came home and started packing for home. When I say home I mean HOME HOME. Like off the mission home. I guess between her and her parents and President Brown they decided the best thing for her would be to go home and get better. We dropped her to the airport early this morning.

Chilling in the hospital

So here we are 3 missionaries covering the entire island of Nassau for the next 4 weeks (three weak cheers for tripanionships).

At church on Sunday this member asked me where I was from. When I told him I was from Utah he was surprised. He said I have an accent that doesn't sound like Utah. Apperently I say ax instead of ask..... lol lol

Even with all the excitement these past few days, some good has come out of it. With all of our trips in and out of the hospital we became good friends with this security guard named Ricky. We had a lesson with him Sunday evening that went really well. He has a lot of potential!

But as usual all is well with me. I am enjoying missionary life. I am loving Nassau. Things are just good.
I wish you all a wonderful week. I will send some sunshine your way!🌞
Sister Tuttle

Can you see the baby fish??

"Sister Rob, take a picture of me jumping in my sand castle"

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