Monday, November 23, 2015

November 23, 2015

Our email time has been sliced in half. YAYA..... So, if you do not get emails back from me it is not because I do not love you. It is actually quite the contrary. I love you very much and we can talk our hearts out in the next 4ish months when I get home.

Setting up Christmas with Jade and Justin

And so the Nassau tri continues. This tri really is not too terrible. I like Sister Brown, she always laughs at my stories (even when they aren't all that funny). I thought covering the entire island of Nassau you stress me, but is actually going really well. We are super busy (which is one thing a missionary loves). Our days are full and we have  a wider variety of women to come teaching with us. I would have to say it is the best of both worlds.

Guess what?? Christmas is coming in Nassau!! I am already feeling the Christmas spirit more than I ever did in May Pen last year. People are putting up Christmas lights, I hear Christmas music playing around neighborhoods and every once and a while in stores. The branch choir is having choir practice 3 times a week in preparation for their Christmas cantata.  I think the saddest part about this Christmas season is the fact that I will be transferred half way through December. Transfers fall on December 16th and my chances of staying are pretty much non-existent. I am quietly preparing for my departure. I mean, I already know I will be leaving so why not get a head start?? Anyways, I am grateful that Heavenly Father has allowed me to stay here for so long. I just love it here.

Sorry not many pictures this week

Back to last week. We are working with some AWESOME people. We have been pushing member missionary work in the branch. About 3 weeks ago a member invited her friend from work to church. The friend ended up coming and we started teaching him. His name is Frankie and dare I say it??? He is super prepared. Plus he already has a solid tie to the church so he is more likely to stay. I am telling you there is POWER in member missionary work. Let me give you some numbers:
I have been in Nassau for 7 months. I have met thousands for people. I have knocked on plenty doors. I have given out hundreds of pamphlets and invited just as many to come to church. Out of the hundreds of people I have invited to church, we will maybe see 1 or 2 actually come to church (and on top of that they usually only come one time...) BUT, a member, just a regular person invites their friend to church and... BOOM. Suddenly coming to church isn't that hard. There is something about this name tag that I wear everyday that distances people from me. Even though me and the member are saying the same thing when inviting someone to church, it is way better coming from the mouth of a member. It worked with Cameron and it is working with Frankie. We are working on helping the New Providence members understand that.

We also started working with a young girl named Joy. And oh how joyful she truly is. I have known Joy ever since I got to Nassau. She is the daughter of a very faithful member. My entire time here I assumed Joy was a member. I mean her mother has been a member for years and she always carries her whole family to church. So one Sunday in church, Joy's sister, Miracle, came up to me and told me that Joy has never been baptized. I thought she was joking so I asked her mother. Joy's mother reaffirmed that Joy really has not been baptized. She also told me that because of a family situation, Joy's baptism was delayed. Anyways, now we get to teach her!!! We are hoping she will be baptized before Christmas!

Nassau church yard

Believe it or not, it is getting cold here in Nassau. I find myself wrapping up in sweaters in the morning because I feel so cold. The days are cooler as well. We have been receiving a lot of rain. I told you.... CHRISTMAS IS COMING TO NASSAU!!!

Well, I hope you all enjoy your Thanksgiving break! Eat some turkey and mashed potatoes for me :)
I love you so much.
Sister Tuttle

Me and Sister Brown

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